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Pumpkin Sphere
Type: Sphere

Max Slots: 99

Description: Use this item to get a wonderful gift.  Wonder what you'll get!

Unable to Sell, Trade or be stolen

A special sphere that was found during the Halloween Event.  They could be obtained by giving Madam Candy 10 Spirit seeds.

Drop ListEdit

Icon Name Rarity Notes
Hood Pointy Hat
Pointy Hat Legendary
Hood Pointy Hat
Special Pointy Hat Legendary
Pumpkin Fire
Pumpkin Fire x 3 Other
Special Pumpkin Pants
Special Pumpkin Pants Legendary
Pumpkin Candy
Snake Candy
Fireworks 3

Pumpkin Candy x 2

Snake Candy

Fireworks x 3

Pumpkin Claws
Pumpkin Claw Legendary
Pumpkin Fork
Pumpkin Fork Normal
Skull Cookie
Skull Cookie Other

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