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Causes a targeted enemy to become poisoned.

Level Cost Cast Time Recast Time Duration Effect Level Learned
1 5MP 1.5s 10s 20s (max) 1% max HP per 5s 1
2 5MP 1.5s 10s 20s (max) 2% max HP per 5s 1
3 5MP 1.5s 10s 20s (max) 2.5% max HP per 5s 1
4 5MP 1.5s 10s 20s (max) 3% max HP per 5s 6
5 5MP 1.5s 10s 20s (max) 3.5% max HP per 5s 6
6 5MP 1.5s 10s 20s (max) 4% max HP per 5s 9
7 5MP 1.5s 10s 20s (max) 5% max HP per 5s 16


  • Poison's duration, not damage, is reduced by poison resistance.
  • Some monsters (Coins, for example) are entirely immune to Poison. 
  • Poison may tick up to 4 times.
  • Poison's damage is based on the maximum health of the enemy, and so will hit consistently at the same rank. 
  • One tick will occur every 5 seconds.
  • Effect attack range is middle range, almost half distance of arrow spells.
  • Recast time for a level 19 mage with decrease cooling down level 1 is 9 seconds.

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