Mage Class: Causes Paralyze/Action Fail to one enemy.
Paralyzing Wind Icon
Level Cost Cast Time Recast Time Duration Level Learned
1 5MP 1.5 s 10.0s 20.0s 3
2 26.0s
3 32.0s
4 39.0s 7
5 46.0s
6 53.0s 10
7 60.0s 17

The following result was tested by wearing Tight Bound Cloak which will paralyze you.

1. Paralysis has chance to make your action (skill) fail.

Skill failed due to paralysis. Your body  is paralyzed and is unable to move.

2. By testing around 60 trials of casting spell, almost 50% spells failed by paralysis.

3. The effect is triggered by action/skill, not ticked by time (not the same as the behavior of posion in those trials). Paralyzed will not prevent you from moving.

Paralyze skill may be good for prevent mage user to cast spells and debuff for warzen.

Note:   Tight Bound Cloak may be useless caused its shortage. So do not waste your gold to forge it. ^^

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