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Create the ninja goods required for skills.

Increasing skill rank improves recast (currently max limit is not improved)

Using this skill creates 3 Ninja Goods which are added to the inventory. Each stack can only hold 15 goods before requiring another item slot.

The max limit is 30 goods, after which the skill cannot be used until you have less goods in inventory.

However, the max limit only applies to whether the skill can be used at any given time. Using this skill with 29 ninja goods will still create 3 more making the real supply limit 32.

Level Cast Time Recast Time Effect Level Learned
1 4.0 60.0 Add 3 Ninja Goods to inventory

Learnt by default

2 4.0 45.0 Add 3 Ninja Goods to inventory

NIN 15

3 4.0 30.0 Add 3 Ninja Goods to inventory

NIN 30


Using this skill with 29 Ninja Goods allows you to store 32 since the skill will always create 3. This allows you to surpass the skill limit of 30.

Skill description states that max limit is increased, however this does not happen with level increase at the moment.

The following skills require Ninja Goods to use:

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