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Sade Artwork

Sade, also known as The Beauty of the Pitch

Enemies come in all shapes and sizes in Wizardry Online. Throughout the story you will also go up against a mysterious group of villains led by Sade(The beauty of the Pitch), who will often summon enemies to stop you in your tracks.

Do you have what it takes to defeat them?

The following is a list of all Enemies found in the dungeons of Wizardry Online:


  • Abomination - Carley etc
  • Banshee - Wasted, Mind Tuned etc
  • Beetle - Hide Beetle, Doom Beetle etc
  • Bruiser - Lumberjack, Barbarian etc
  • Bunny - Vorpal Bunny etc
  • Chimera - First Chimera, Lesser Chimera etc
  • Coin - Millionaire, Bride, Killer coin etc
  • Demon - Lesser Demon, Cannibal Demon etc
  • Devil - Grand Devil, Aristocrat etc
  • Evil Eye - Evil Eye etc
  • Executioner - Destoyer, Hell Murderer etc
  • Familiar - Semalie, demon cats etc
  • Fighter - Novice Fighter, DareDevils etc
  • Fly - Loud Mouse, Stinger etc
  • Frog - Demon toad, Bullfrog etc
  • Gargoyle - Dark Flyer, Nightwatch etc
  • Goblin - Crazy Jumper, Gargoyle Fighter etc
  • Golem - Clay Golem, Runic Guard etc
  • Imp - Demon Imp, Naughty Kid etc
  • Inoverche - Assassin, Monk etc
  • Knight - Guard, Jewel Knight etc
  • Kobold - Silverfang, Kobold Fighter etc
  • Living Statue - Miniature Statue, Ancient Soldier etc
  • Mage - Blue Feather, Practicus etc
  • Minotaur - Assault Bull, Bisonhead etc
  • Mist - Poison Mist, Gas Cloud etc
  • Ogre - Angry Face, shocktrooper etc
  • Plant - Predator Plant, Mana Plant etc
  • Reaper - Prowler, Macabre etc
  • Rogue - Bushwacker, Highwayman etc
  • Skull - Shrieking Head, Necroward etc
  • Slime - Eraser, Green Slime etc
  • Spider - Venom Sting, Huge Spider etc
  • Spirit - Dark Spirit, Phantom etc
  • Succubus - Succubus, Irene etc
  • Werewolf - ?? etc
  • Zombie - Rotting Corpse, Disco Zombie etc
  • Zule - Zule Warrior, Black Zule etc

Special MonstersEdit


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