Shopping List Class CL/SR Price
Kazuuchi Samurai 1/4 6,500G
Cestus Fighter, Thief, Ninja 1/1 1,400G
Knuckle Dusters Fighter, Thief, Ninja 1/3 3,350G
Tiger Fangs Fighter, Thief, Ninja 10/5 5,810G
Dagger Fighter, Thief, Ninja, Lord 1/1 1,450G
Mage Knife Fighter, Thief, Ninja, Lord 1/1 1,000G
Baselard Fighter, Thief, Ninja, Lord 1/3 3,700G
Steel Baselard Fighter, Thief, Ninja, Lord 10/5 6,440G
Hanger Fighter, Samurai, Lord 1/1 1,500G
Gladius Fighter, Samurai, Lord 1/3 4,400G
Light Gladius Fighter, Samurai, Lord 10/5 6,820G
Cudgel Fighter, Priest, Bishop, Lord 1/1 1,400G
Mace Fighter, Priest, Bishop, Lord 1/3 3,600G
Great Cudgel Fighter, Priest, Bishop, Lord 10/5 6,350G
Bastard Sword Fighter 1/3 5,200G
Fighter's Bastard Sword Fighter 10/5 8,350G
Hand Axe Fighter, Thief, Lord 1/3 4,350G
Iron Axe Fighter, Thief, Lord 10/5 8,900G
Sledgehammer Fighter, Priest, Bishop 1/2 2,640G
Long Hammer Fighter, Priest, Bishop 1/3 5,200G
Iron Hammer Fighter, Priest, Bishop 10/5 9,600G
Battle Axe Fighter 1/2 2,890G
Steel Heavy Axe Fighter 1/4 6,980G
Partisan Fighter, Samurai 1/2 2,660G
Long Spear of Fortune Fighter, Samurai 10/5 8,870G
Staff Mage, Priest, Bishop 1/1 1,550G
Blackwood Staff Mage, Priest, Bishop 1/3 5,100G
Onyx Mage, Priest, Bishop 10/5 8,860G

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