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How to Unlock this Dungeon

Regeon Leviant anne' Tile
Minimum Soul Rank 5
Pre-Requ Dungeon

Chaos Strase 混沌のシュトラーゼ (Japan)

House of Savage Lust  (required in order to progress in this dungeon)

Permit Provider Adventurer's Guild Division Head Abbas 冒険者ギルド支部長 アッバース
Recomended Level 45


ディメント王国のミスカトニック大学は、王国最高学府の一つである。 王国最大の蔵書量を誇る図書館「メルカトニックの塔」近くにあるその大学には、古今東西の「知」が集まっている。 公式には王族や貴族の通う王立大学がディメント王国の最大学府であるが、 実のところ本気で学問の徒になりたいのであれば、王立大学よりこちらを目指す。 優秀な生徒や研究者の集まるミスカトニック大学は、事実上ディメント王国の最高学府であるといっても過言ではない。

そのミスカトニック大学がハーサント連邦に分校を出したのは、およそ100年ほど前の話であった。 ちょうどハーサント連邦内で古代遺跡が次々に発見され、 旧支配者であるドラグーン族のものと思われる「神器」が数多く出土された頃である。 徹底した現実主義であるハーサント連邦では、誰も過去のガラクタに興味を持たなかった。 そのため、古代文明の神器を見つけても、その価値を測れるものが少なかった。

こうした環境では後の世を支える者達が居なくなると考えた連邦政府は、 ディメント王国に依頼し、ミスカトニック大学分校の設立となったのである。

分校とはいえ、蔵書量はハーサント連邦随一で、本国の本校に負けず劣らずの学府となった。 そのミスカトニック大学で、最近異変が起きているという・・・

Housing an infinite amount of knowledge behind its ancient walls, The Miskatonic Academy of the Kingdom of Dimento boasts of its ever-increasing collection. The academy was set-up by the Kingdom in order to provide higher education to the royalties and scholars.

It was only until about a hundred years ago that the Academy had expanded its influence to the Hersant Federation. During that time, various ancient artifacts from the Dragoon era was unearthed within the territories of the Hersant Federation. However, the realist mindset of the people of the federation had thought that the artifacts to be nothing more than "Objects of Fancy", and was handled poorly by the people.

Learning this, the Hersant Federation seeked assistance from the neighbouring Kingdom of Dimento, and thus, a branch school of the Miskatonic Academy was set up within the federation.

Dark Angel Statues

Dark Angel Statue 1

Location 禁忌のタブラリウム(J8)
  • Paranoia Meister パラノイアマイスター x 1
  • Mini Chimera ミニキマイラ x (min 4)
Material List
  • White Glass Pieces 白色のガラス片 x3
  • Red Glass Pieces 赤色のガラス片 x3
  • Blue Glass Pieces 青色のガラス片 x3
  • Yellow Glass Pieces 黄色のガラス片 x3
  • Contains 1x mage mob and a minimum of 4x small chimeras (OMG, kittens)
  • Have a tank to aggro all the chimeras and kite them around the battle.
  • Have the other members of the party DPS the mage without aggroing the chimeras.
  • Once the mage is dead, the mini chimeras will transform into Hound Chimeras ハウンドキマイラ (huh? they're puppies?)
  • Try to kill them 1 by 1 as the hound chimeras are much more ferocious than its predecessor.
Steps Actions Details
1 Examine Dark Angel Statue Located at (J8)
2 Examine manuscripts

Located at (I5)

(note* you will be required to read 2 books:

  • ミスカトニック大学伝統遊戯録:上巻
  • ミスカトニック大学伝統遊戯録:下巻
3 Create Insignias of the school houses

Examine the pile located at (J7)

Create the insignias accodring to its color and symbol

  • 従者 :  赤色のガラス片
  • 王妃 :  青色のガラス片
  • 王  :  黄色のガラス片
  • 英雄 :  白色のガラス片

(note* the insignias will dissapear once you leave the dungeon)

4 Retrieve the statues of each houses

Located at

  • ハート像: (H9)
  • スペード像: (J7)
  • ダイヤ像: (D6)
5 Set up the statues of the Houses

Match the statues & insignias of each houses at its respective pedestal

  • 北の台座(D2) : 王妃のハート像【青色のガラス片】
  • 西の台座(C3) : 従者のスペード像【赤色のガラス片】
  • 東の台座(F3) : 黄衣のダイヤ像【黄色のガラス片】
5 Unlock Dark Angel Statue

Answer the riddles to unlock the battle


  1. クラブ
  2. 白き英雄

Dark Angel Statue 2

Location 禁忌のタブラリウム(F2)
  • Avatar Shoggoth アヴァターザショゴス x 1
Material List -
  • Contains 1x Giant Slime mob that have high physical defence and splits once reduced to a certain % of hp.
  • Spit that reduces Physical Defence
Steps Actions Details
1 Speak to Shrewsbury シュリュズベリー

Head up the stairs behind 1st statue.

Located at (I5)

This will trigger a cutscene

After the cutscene, speak to Shrewsbury located at (K5)

He will then give you a Fragments of the Passage of Light Angel Sera 1 【光天使セラの断章 1】 which will allow you to pass through the barriers located at (J6).


Obtain Fragments of the Passage of Light Angel Sera 2 【光天使セラの断章 2】

Located at:

  • (I8)
  • (F6)

After obtaining the fragments, hand them over to Shrewsbury and you'll be able to pass though the barriers located at (G7, G8)


Obtain Fragments of the Passage of Light Angel Sera 3 【光天使セラの断章 3】

Located at:

  • (F9)
  • (E10)

(note* the fragment located at (E10) is hidden behind an illusion of a wall. IF you're unable to find it, try to find a ghost that can only be seen in soul form (Innocent Ghost 【インノセントゴーストト】). Follow it and it'll take you to the entrance of the hidden passageway.

Wo 20150506 163243


After obtaining the fragments, hand them over to Shrewsbury

4 Read the book titled Nameless Spellbook 【無名の魔術書】
  1. Head to the underground library located at (I5)
  2. Examine one of the shelves to unveal a hidden passage.
  3. Talk to Shrewsbury in order to be able to read the required book
  4. Locate the book titled Nameless Spellbook 【無名の魔術書】
5 Unlock Dark Angel Statue Located at ()

Dark Angel Statue 3

Location 禁忌のタブラリウム(J8)
  • Avatar Atlach-Nacha アヴァタージアトラナート x1
Material List
  • White Glass Pieces 白色のガラス片 x1
  • Red Glass Pieces 赤色のガラス片 x1
  • Blue Glass Pieces 青色のガラス片 x1
  • Yellow Glass Pieces 黄色のガラス片 x1
  • Green Glass Pieces 緑色のガラス片 x1

(note* it is advised to prepare more than one of every type of glass pieces as a precaution)

Steps Actions Details
1 Walk through the Endless Staircase 【無限の階段】

It is located right behind the second Dark Angel Statue.

Walk down the stairs and you will be looped back to the spot.

2 Speak to Somnia 【ソムニア】

Head towards the cat and a cutscene will occur. (D4)

After the cutscene, inquire the Somnia regarding information about the spellbook.

Select all options

3 Read the book titled The Vow of the Ash-bearer 【灰守人に捧げる誓い】

After speaking with Somnia, head towards the underground library and read the book titled The Vow of the Ash Bearer.

You will now be immune to silence and will be able to walk through the endless staircase. (note* the buff will last for 60 mins. After that, you will be unable to pass through the looping staircase again)

4 Examine Dark Angel Statue

Walk through Illusionary Wall (I3)

Take down fake wall located at (G3)

Beyong Illusionary Wall (F3)

Examine Dark Angel Statue

Examine Broken Mirror in the middle of the room

5 Solve the Broken Mirror's Riddle

Speak to Shrewsbury about the riddle.

He will then tell you to read the books titled Kerlice of the Kingdom of the Mirrors 【鏡の国のケリス】.

Head back to the mirror room with all 5 kinds of mirror fragments.

(note* In theory, only 1 of each would be sufficient, however, it is advised to bring multiple of them)

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