Discovery Hall: Ministry of ArcanumEdit

Discovery Hall

Exclamation mark - Zermu Terlu

Entrance located at the Bustling Market. Listed on the map as Discovery Hall, contrary to quests describing it as the Ministry of Arcanum. Here you will find Zermu Terlu, an important NPC for starting Story Quests.

NPC List Edit

Name Floor Location Notes
Zermu Terlu 1 (G7) Middle Left Important Story Quest NPC
Arcana 1 (H5) Top Learn Ancient Magic/Race Skills

Ancient Magic/Race Skills Edit

Speak to Arcana. Not yet implemented in North American version of Wizardry Online. However, speaking to Arcana provides this information.

Type of Skill Class Item Requirement
Black Magic Mage
White Magic Priest Ancient Scriptures
Race Skills Ancestor's Secrets

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