Mighty Drinkers
Union Level  1
Leader Lady Urgathoa
Sub Leader

Cayden Cailean

Khorne Mochioma



Date created 2013/3/10

We are the Mighty_Drinkers!

We drink beer all of the day!

We are the Mighty_Drinkers!

Beer soothes all the problems away!

Hoo ua ua hey! Hoo ua ua hey!

-Mighty_Drinkers' most glorious hymn

Mighty_Drinkers is not a union as normally intended. We're more a bunch of crazy players who know each others in real life and love to have their soul slowly sucked dry by this online game. Mighty_Drinkers is a PvE oriented union and all its members are not criminals. We also enjoy PvP though, but only when attacked or provoked. We do not take part of any wars between unions, nor we have any allies or enemy. 

Mighty_Drinkers doesn't do open recruiting, but sometimes offers some players to join if we get along well.

Our aims are all very serious, and we've accomplished lot of them, for example to go and say "hi" to Walkers while in soul form, to take a nap while surrounded by spear traps, to spend all day doing nothing at the inn, to do some muscle training in the sewers, and many other awesomely epic deeds.

Our Three Golden RulesEdit

1. Have a beer.

2. Have another.

3. Go to first point.

The Other (and less serious) RulesEdit

4. Do not provoke or attack any other player if not for self defence or to help a friend to defend himself. Have a beer Instead.

5. Do not loot any equipment from any player (not even criminals). Have a beer instead (You may have something else, if you are tired of it. HERESY! You shall never being tired of drinking beer!). 

6. Be sure to repay your debts, and returning favor to other players (if you don't, no beer will be brewed for you).

7. Do not insult or offend anyone, even if you're drunk (all the time, that is). 

The Mighty_Drinkers' Super Secret CodeEdit

Noone knows our secret code (exactely as noone expect the Spanish Inquisition)! 

1. Beer me! = Heal me!

2. Beer for all, and all for Beer! = Heal Circle.

3. Lets make a Pub! = Lets make a Camp.

4 Lets make an Irish Pub! = Lets make a High Camp.

5. Witness the power of the Holy Beer! = I'm casting Holy Light.

6. May the Beer be with you! = Good luck.

7. Aiòefijwfkàqflpòkmf fewokfweknf = Too much Beer, i cannot continue to play nor i have the ability to notify it in chat.

8. Give me a Smithwick's! = Cast on me Physical Attack Up.

9. Give me a Guinness! = Cast on me Magic Attack Up.

10. Give me an Harp! = Cast on me Physical Defence Up.

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