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The following is a list of healing items found in Wizardry Online.

Healing PotionsEdit

Name Effect Notes
Heal Potion Recover 50 HP Obtained from item shop and early dungeons
Medium Potion Recover 150 HP Obtained from Royal Shop for 400 gold
Thief Potion Recover HP (~40%) Thief Skill only


Name Effect Notes
Simple Camp Gradually Recover HP/MP (15/tick, 6? ticks)
Camp Gradually Recover HP/MP (???)
High Camp Gradually Recover HP/MP (???) Obtained from the Royal Shop
Master Camp Gradually Recover HP/MP (???) Obtained from certain bosses and enemies
Dimento Camp Gradually Recover HP/MP (% based, fast) Dimento Medal Only... Receive from Special Item Distributor

Note: Can't attack while inside camp effect area

Status Effect PotionsEdit

Name Effect Notes
Antidote Cures Poison
Smelling Salts Cures Paralysis
Special Med Cures all status effects 'The Temple Monster' quest reward

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