Mana Steal Icon
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Absorbs MP from target.

Level Cast Time Recast Time Effect Level Learned
1 1.0s 60.0 4% 11
2 1.0s 56.0 5% 11
3 1.0s 52.0 6% 11
4 1.0s 45.0 7% 16
5 1.0s 41.0 8% 18
6 1.0s 33.0 9% 23
7 1.0s 30.0 10% 30

Works only on mobs and players that have mana. It is tough to determine whether a mob had MP or not. Example: Meat Puppet (zombies) in Ruined Chamber have mana, but Murder Doll (same looking zombies) in Facility 13 do not have mana. You will have to try whether a monster have mana or not.

MP stolen is not affected by magic attack. It is affected by the maximum amount of MP you got. So if you want to increase the power of your Mana Steal while maintaining the power of your main staff, you will need to find a staff that gives a lot of MP+. Max MP Increase also helps with empowering this skill.

Monsters do not have infinite mana. Once you stole the amount of mana the monster contains, you will not be able to steal any more mana from that particular monster. Monsters will be able to keep on casting spells even when they have no mana left.

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