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Creates a magic projectile which will be thrown forward dealing physical damage.

Note that the projectile may be blocked with shields.

Level Cost (MP) Cast Time Recast Time Duration Range Target Effect Level Learned
1 3.0 0.6 4
2 3.0 0.6 4
3 3.0 0.6 4
4 3.0 0.6 9
5 3.0 0.6 2.2 10
6 3.0 15
7 3.0 1.5 22


Magic Missile gets amplified by INT and Physical Attack. The max damage achieved with Hard Hits is based on STR. The statistic that has the biggest influence on your damage is Physical Attack. This spell can be blocked with a shield and Physical Defence is required to reduce the amount of damage dealt on you.

This skill may be useful for priest who weilds 2H club. You can use attack auro to increase the power of magic missile. However, magic attack auro is considered no effect on magic missile. Since it is hard to improved the spell power by socketing gems, it can be simply increased by your higher rank 2H club.

An example: 2H club 139 phys. damage, magic missile rank 7, enhenced by attack aura rank 7 can deal about 1500-1700 damage to Armor in HoSL from back. With melt armor rank 7, may make more 40% damage. Magic missile has chance to make hard hit. The shortage of this spell is it cost more mp (3mp each) then other elemental spells(2mp each). Moreover,use 2H club/physical base, not 2H staff/magic base, for better damage.

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