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Genus: Humanoid

A human mage (usually depicted as an old bearded man in blue robes) that casts spells.

Attack Patterns/SkillsEdit

Unlike other mob types, they will always keep a certain distance away from the player who has aggro. This can often seem like they are constantly running away.

Their primary attack is fire arrow (via a charged animation) although they will perform a weak melee attack when the player gets close.

This can do a large amount of damage to Fighter's that may have low mag def, but will likely do very low damage to mages.

Elemental Resistance InformationEdit


  • Fire (91.1%); 
  • Earth (100%); 
  • Ice (74.1%); 
  • Wind (94.2%);
  • Magic Missile (190.3%); and
  • Holy (???%);
  • Poison (19 seconds, 3 ticks)
  • Stun (less than 1 seconds);

Note: See Mage (Mob Type)/Test Data for more information.


Name Type Location Notes
Blue Feather Boss Creature Deltis Keep
Magician Normal Deltis Keep
Solloguva Unique Creature Chikor Castle Site
Mansel Rare Creature Temple of Oblivion Has a darker look to other mages
Blue Feather Boss Creature Old Sewers
Practicus Normal Old Sewers
Sorcerer Normal Ruined Chamber


Many mage spawns share spawns with other monster types (such as novice fighters and novice mages in Deltis Keep) and therefore may have rather long spawn times. 

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