Union Level 3
Members 50 - 60
Leaders Jesse James

Yannix yannix

Thornteq Everblade

Dark Sprite

Alby Einstein

Date Created 2013/2/4

<img src="" />Edit

Criminals can be hired to kill and loot other players, Price will be consulted individually.Edit

Recruitment RequirementsEdit

We have no recruitment requirements other than to be fairly active so that we know they are sticking to the game. We understand a lot of people start playing the game and realise it isn't the game for them so activity is the only way we can judge if members should be kicked to make space.


No serious crimes against other members of the union such as pking or looting unless it is has been agreed upon by both parties. Such as a friendly fight to the death for PvP practice etc.


We aim to exterminate every last crimninal in existance!

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