Lore Edit

How to Unlock this DungeonEdit

Recomended Level 60
Min. Soul Rank -
PreReq Dungeon

Underground Dragoon Ruins

Story Progression

Horror Palace 狂気の館 (Japan)

Permit Provider

Adventurer's Guild Staff Mclaine 冒険者ギルド職人マクレーン

Quest obtained from:



Material Checklist

Materials Amount

Dark Angel Statues

Dark Angel Statue 1

Dark Angel Statue Details
Location 無謀者達の惨殺場
Materials List Coins of the Abyss 深淵なる硬貨 x4
Dark Angel Statue 1 - Action Steps
Action Steps Action Details
1 Examine Dark Angel Statue
  • Located at ()
2 Collect Coins of the Abyss 深淵なる硬貨
  • Drops from various mobs located in floor 1
3 Insert the coins into the various switches
  • For this part, you will need to insert coins into the various switches according to its sequence.
  • The switches are labelled from 1 - 4, insert the coins according to the sequence.
  • After inserting the coins, you will receive a buff thats acts as a timer. You will be required to insert another coin into the next switch BEFORE the buff runs out.
  • (note* the buff will keep counting even after dying)
Switches Location
2 F2
3 G6
  • When inserting the coins into the switches, 2 options will be available, which is
    • 孤高なる冒険者 - Lone Adventurer (solo)
    • 集いなる冒険者 - Gathering Adventurer (party)
  • For solo, only 1 coin is needed for each switch
  • For party, multiple coins will be needed according to the number of players in party (unconfirmed, requires more data). However, each player could standby on different switches & insert the coins 1 by 1 according to the sequence.
4 Unlock Dark Angel Statue
  • After inserting the coins needed into the 4th switch, the statue will be unlocked automatically.

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