• Caligrase Sewers Floor 1 - G3
  • Caligrase Sewers Floor 1 - I3
  • Old Sewers Floor 3 - C9



  • Caligrase Sewers
    • Floor 1 - G3
      • Argh...look at me now...I became an adventurer dreaming to be rich...impossible being alone....Listen...The most dangerous Black Rose Clan members inhabit the end of this sewer. Group up before challenging them. I had status, fame and fortune...but I never had the most valuable thing, friendship. I wish I had recognized that before it was too late.
    • Floor 1 - I3
      • Argh...look at me now...I thought light of those thieves....totally outnumered....Moreover, being attacked by an adventurer just like me...this must be the PK I've heard of....Not only being attacked...they took all my equipment...maybe I should start from the beginning...
  • Old SewersFloor 3 - C9
      • What do you mean you can't drink in such a dingy place? You don't understand. This place is designed to bring out the beauty of the Royal Ladies. What do you mean we have met before? Are you sure you aren't mistaken? I don't know any base adventurers like you.

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