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Class: Beast

Kobolds are wolf like creatures who boast both speed and strength. They are quick on their feet and often jump and slice through players to their blind side.

Attack Patterns/SkillsEdit

A melee focused enemy.

Other than it's basic attacks, which are fairly easy to dodge, this monster has a jump attack with a high hard hit rate, and a charge attack that deals a large amount of damage.

Elemental Resistance InformationEdit

Fire (100%)
Earth (48.6%)
Ice (65.6%)
Wind (49.6%)
Magic Missile (106.3%)
Poison (19 seconds, 3 ticks)

Note: See Kobold (Mob Type)/Test Data for more information.


Name Type Location Notes
Kobold Normal Caligrase Sewers
Silver Fang Unique Creature Caligrase Sewers
Kobold Warrior Normal Kaoka Parrej Ruins
Kobold Chief Boss Creature Kaoka Parrej Ruins
Mikhal Friendly Kaoka Parrej Ruins
Kuhien Friendly Kaoka Parrej Ruins
Rotting Kobold Normal Chikor Castle Site
Cursed Kobold Boss Creature Chikor Castle Site
Kobold Soldier Normal Old Sewers
Silverback Normal Old Sewers
Gorde Zombie Boss Creature Old Sewers
Kobold Fighter Normal Roswald Deep Fort
Crazy Charlie Boss Creature Ruined Chamber
Bagest Rare Creature Facility 13
Kobold Fever Boss Creature Dark Roundtable


Anything else you feel worth noting.

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