Junk Collecting is a very uncommon process that I use regularly.

How It's DoneEdit

Junk Collecting is very easy. All you do is kill lowbie monsters and get thier stuff. Although you get low exp and bad stuff, when your through, you will have made lots of money.

Little NoteEdit

If you kill monsters too low of a level, you won't get much. So I made a chart of what level should kill what dungeons monsters.

Prefered Dungeons
Level Group Dungeon(s)
10-15 Caligrase-Deltis
16-20 Chikor-Aria
21-25 ToO-OS (2)
26-30 OS3-UDR (1)
31-35 UDR (2)
36+ Best bet for you is to just go to HoL and kill Loitering Armors

Areas for Junk CollectingEdit

 So you know what dungeon to go to. Now where to farm? Well, this is simple, just let me show you where to go in my chart. Note: Please feel free to add any screenshot to where you should go.


   The best place to farm in Caligrase is the first room that has monsters past the first hall. There are really no better places since Junk Collecting areas are rare. The only other place that could be used is down in the sewer area back where the frogs are.


  Usually the best place to junk collect is the first rooms. This is true for Kaoka. The best place to farm is the first encounter with plants and beetles. There are some other good places like back in the kabold den, but this is the best place to farm.


   This place is full of good spots. You have back near the salt room, back in the Junk Collecter Hideout, and the very last room before the final battle that finishes the dungeon. Don't throw away any alcohol as these my take up space after while of Junk Collecting, but you always do the same for stones but these to sell for 5g.


   This place has many good spots like deltis. Really anywhere where there are lots of monsters is a good spot. But the best spot is on the second floor where you encounter the first big amount of monster where there are zules and goblins.

Chikor Castle SiteEdit

   This is my personal favorite place to farm because it drops lots of hidden battle fragments and orbs if your lucky. The best places to farm is where all the zombies are where you used to hate walking through there when you were a noob. There is also where there are tons of kabolds in the little diviet. The kabold den is not good to Junk Collect in when the Winter Event is going on because Redrum spawns in with the kabolds.


   This is the last place I will talk about since I haven't farmed anywhere past this. It's best to stay on the 1st floor for various reasons. The 1st room and the millionare statue are the best places to farm. If you are going to farm in the millionare room, it's best if you bring a priest so you can accually hit the monsters.

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