Friendly Monster Jiminy

Friendly monster Jiminy is located in Old Sewers on 2nd floor J4. He can trade your spare medals for other medals (the ones needed for the 2nd statue) or other items.

Medals to TradeEdit

Medals to Trade Gift Received
Aqua medal x3 Yellow medal x1
Orange medal x3 Green medal x1
Purple medal x3 Blue medal x1
Red medal x1 Heal Potion
Aqua medal x1 Simple Camp x5
Orange medal x10 Camp x10
Yellow medal x10 High Camp x2
Green medal x20 Weapon Stone lvl 1
Blue medal x10 Armor Stone lvl 1
Purple medal x99 ? Box

The ? Box obtained with 99 purple medals can be:

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Obtaining The MedalsEdit

There are 3 "buttons" which give different kind of medals.

To get an idea of the probabilities of getting a specific one, here is an example of what you can get from the 3rd button (the one near Jiminy):

  • Purple medal x99
  • Aqua medal x80
  • Blue medal x91
  • Rust colored medal x188
  • Imitation medal x187
  • Colorless medal x179

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