The jewel knight is actually 5 knights in the 1st final battle of Aria Floor 2. There are many ways to tackle these guards. First, you could get a tank and keep aggro while a mage shoots them. Second, you could get to SR 5, get the armor/weapons, and take them on as a group of 2-4 fighters. Third, you could get trappers (2-4), and place the spike, slice, and blow combo traps, decoy, and attack from behind. The last way you could tackle these are by a strategy I like to call "Monkey in the Middle." You get 2 mages and a thief or 4 mages, and cast spells at the knights, then you start standing in front of each other (Mages) and start playing with the knights by 1 person casting, aggroing, and the other person cat and aggro. With 2 mages, you do the same but the thief casts decoy while you cast at 1 at a time while the thief takes aggro from the others while you kill the knight. The thief then runs by with the knights as the mages hit 1 of the knights. 

Saftey of Strategies
Tanking Trapping Monkey in the Middle (4 mages) Monkey in the Middle (2 mages and a thief)
Fairly Good Only a Fail Can Kill You Good if You Can Handle the Thrill Just Don't Mess Up or the Thief Will Have to Save You

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