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Genus: Humanoid

Inoverche are a group of humans in hooded cloaks. They appear in different combat forms:

  • Melee use hand weapons
  • Caster use staffs
  • Ranged use guns

Attack Patterns/SkillsEdit

The melee types rely on hand weapons and as a result attack at extremely close ranges.

Casters will keep distance to shoot projectiles or use melee if the player gets close.

Ranged types use guns with a very long range and high accuracy. These attacks will always hit unless you break line of sight or sprint/dash jump.  They also have a charged attack that inflicts significantly more damage than their normal attack as well as a melee attack that inflicts faint.

Every Inoverche has the ability to cast Brainwash, via a charged animation, that inflicts fear. Breaking line of sight does not cancel the casting so its highly recommended to attack them instead which breaks the cast.

Elemental Resistance InformationEdit


  • Fire (???%);
  • Earth (???%);
  • Ice (???%);
  • Wind (???%);
  • Magic Missile (???%);
  • Holy (???%);
  • Poison (~19 seconds, 4 ticks)
  • Stun (~4 seconds);

Note: See Inoverche (Mob Type)/Test Data for more information.



Name Type Location Notes
Fanatic Normal Descension Ruins Melee
Assassin Normal Roswald Deep Fort Melee
Marauder Boss Creature Roswald Deep Fort Melee
Martyr (Melee) Normal Facility 13 Melee


Name Type Location Notes
Monk Normal Descension Ruins Caster
Hazoomi Normal Roswald Deep Fort Caster
Doomslayer Boss Creature Roswald Deep Fort Caster
Martyr (Mage) Normal Facility 13 Caster
Apprentice Rare Creature Facility 13 Caster


Name Type Location Notes
Spawn Boss Creature Roswald Deep Fort Ranged
Martyr (Gunner) Normal Facility 13 Ranged
Inoverche Sacrifice Normal Dark Roundtable Ranged


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