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Region: Illfalo Port

Recommended Level: 20 Party Size Limit: 6

How to Unlock Edit

Minimum Soul Rank Required: 3
Required completion of Dungeon: Golden Dragon Ruins

After clearing GDR and reaching SR3 go visit The Adventurers Guild Headquaters in Illfao it will trigger a cutscene, after that go in and talk to old man...

Maps Edit

File:Museum Of Savage Lust level 1.jpg
File:Museum Of Savage Lust level 1.jpg

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Material Checklist Edit

There are no items you need to farm. All items are directly related to each statue and will be available due to the unlocking process.

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Dark Angel Statues Edit

Dark Angel Statues - Floor 1 Edit

Dark Angel Statue 1.1 Edit

Dark Angel Statue 1.1 - Details
Location H7 (Main Entrance)

Enemies: 5x Werewolf type mobs

Notes If you have a player under level 30, have them access easy mode for you. You will want a decent tank/DPS and a Healer able to take a hit or two, Preferably levels 20-30.

Dark Angel Statue 1.1 - Action Details
Step Action Action Details
1 Speak with NPC xx (Location: F8)
  • When you enter the House of Savage Lust (HoSL) follow the wall to the left and enter the first door.
  • Speak with the Porkul NPC in the hallway and he will tell you stories and secrets about the owner of the house and a path to unlock the first statue.
2 Find the Ledger in the Library (Location: D7)
  • After speaking with the Porkul NPC, continue to follow the hallway until you reach another door on your right.  This is the entrance to the Library.
    • Note:  There are Spirits that patrol this room.  They will not kill you but rather put you to sleep and disappear.  Also, you'll want to beware of the new "purple" colored trap marks that appear on the floors.  They have varying affects.
  • From the entrance of the Library you're going to want to make your way to the back where you will find another large door.  To the left of this large door is a small table with a Ledger.  Read the ledger.  You will discover there's a missing page.
    • Note:  The doors in HoSL open automatically based on your proximity to the door.  On the other side of the large door at the back of the Library is a very large mob called "Loitering Armor".  This mob can see through stealth, is strong enough to one-shot most players and is very hard to lose aggro. 
3 Find the Missing Ledger Page (Location: E6)
  • After you've read the Ledger you discover a page is missing.  Head through the door next to the table with the ledger and follow the hallway until you reach another large door leading to a study.
    • Note:  If you are patient, you can walk behind the Loitering Armor in this hallway undetected.  As you reach the opposite end of the cooridor the Loitering Armor will perform an "about face".  If you time it correctly you can pass undetected between his legs.
  • Once in the study make your way to the center of the room and activate the resurrection shrine.  Careful to watch for the large spiders on the right.
  • Once you've activated the res-shrine head towards the staircase in the back left corner of the room.  Careful to watch for the Imp and Banshee type mobs near the stair case.
  • Head down the steps and follow the hallway around until you come to a doorway.  You can use stealth to lose aggro with the mobs in this hallway.
  • Enter the doorway and climb down into the large pit separating the two sides of this large room.
  • Search the skeleton remains at the bottom of this pit and you will find the missing Ledger Page.
4 Return Mising Ledger Page to Ledger in Library
  • Once you have the missing ledger page, return back to the library and interact with the same ledger to return the missing ledger page to the book.
5 Activate the Switches Throughout Library to Unlock Dark Angel Statue 1.1

Map of Library in House of Savage Lust

  • After you return the missing page to the Ledger, you will receive a series of "locations".  These are references to the book shelves throughout the Library.  You must interact with each bookcase in the order it was given to you by the book.
  • There is a logical pattern to how the bookcases are numbered in the room.  The spirits in the room do not kill you but simply put you to sleep, so you should be able to take your time and interact with the switches in the correct order.
6 Get "Easy Stone" from Succubus NPC (If Required)

Note:  The mobs in the Dark Angel Statues are rather difficult.  If you have someone in your party who is less than level 30 you can follow the instructions below to get an "easy stone" to make the final battle less daunting.

  • Head to the back of the Library and head down the corridor guarded by the "Loitering Armor".
  • As you reach the opposite end of the hall, there is a hidden door on the left wall that can be opened by striking the wall.
  • Once opened, you must be less than level 30 to pass through the vale.
  • Head through all of the doorways you encounter until you come to a room with a pit.
  • Drop down the pit.
  • Exit into the large room and turn right, following the right wall, until you come to a Succubus NPC sitting on the ground.
  • Speak with the NPC to receive the "easy stone".
7 Enter Dark Angel Statue and complete Final Battle
  • Head back to the entrance and find the Dark Angel Statue near the center of the room (Location: H7)
  • Enter and successfully complete the final battle
    • Note:  If you have a party member with an "easy stone", they must enter the final battle first, otherwise the final battle will be more difficult.  If you fail to complete the final battle on "easy mode", you'll need to get another "easy stone" before entering the statue again.

Dark Angel Statue 1.2Edit

Dark Angel Statue 1.2 - Details
Location H6 (2nd Floor - Upstairs from Main Hall)

Enemies: 1 x Semalie

Notes The mob in this battle will die and spawn a largre and nastier version of itself.

Dark Angel Statue 1.2 - Action Details
Step Action Action Details
1 Speak with NPC Kurosseru (Location: F8)
  • Head back to the NPC Kurosseru and speak with him again and ask him about the book that "The Familiar" mentioned
    • Note:  You may have to ask him each of the questions in the list to be sure you ask the right one.
2 Read Ledger in Library
  • Go back to the Library and read the Ledger on the table at the entrance of the Library.
  • The Ledger will tell you that you can find your book on shelf D-3.
3 Read Book on Shelf D-3
  • Go to D-3 and read the book and be sure to read about each available section.
  • You will be given information on a number of items you will need to gather.
4 Get Item #1: Avroule Coat of Arms
  • Item 1:  Avroule Coat of Arms
    • Read Chapters 1 and 2 in the book on shelf D-3 in Library.
    • Search the corpse (Location: I3) on the floor located immediately to the right as you enter the Torture Chamber
      • Take the 2nd doorway on the right in the Dining Room and follow the hallway to the last door on the right. There is a purple mob in this hallway who will only aggro if you strike him
    • Receive Avroule Coat of Arms
    • Go back to Library


Get Item #2: Dirty Sheets
  • Item 2:  Dirty Sheets
    • Read Chapter 3 in the book on shelf D-3 in Library. Chapter 4 will appear if done correctly.
    • Go to the Succubus' Inn (Location: xx) and pay 20,000 Gold to sleep with her (you must be completely unequipped).
    • Receive Dirty Sheets
    • Go back to Library
6 Get Item #3:  Bloody Bandages
  • Item 3:  Bloody Bandages
    • Read Chapter 4 in the book on shelf D-3 in Library. Chapter 5 will appear if done correctly.
    • Speak with the Porkul Twins (Location: xx).
      • Located in a room at the end of the Moving Armor Hallway.
    • Get Bandages (Location: xx). Located in room right by res-shrine near the Porkul Twins room.
    • Get Pliers (Location: xx). Located in Torture Chamber room.
    • Go back to the Porkul Twins and choose Option 1 - "Peel off fingernails" (you will take damage)
    • If you had both the pliers and bandages when you peeled off your nails, you should have received the following two items in your inventory:
      • Dirty Gothic Doll
      • Bloody Bandages
    • Go back to Library
7 Get Item #4: Impure Ashes
  • Item 5: Impure Ashes
    • Read Chapter 5 in the book on shelf D-3 in Library. Chapter 6 will appear if done correctly.
    • Get the Empty Clear Bottle from the same room as the Succubus' Inn
    • Get the Lifeblood of Chastity by placing the Dirty Gothic Doll into the Iron Maiden in the 1st cage (Location: I4) in the Torture Chamber room.
    • Place the Lifeblood of Chastity into the fireplace in the Dining Room (room with Werewolves).
    • Receive the Impure Ashes.
    • Go back to Library
8 Get Item #5:  Heretic Branded Corpse Hand
  • Item 6:  Heretic Branded Corpse Hand
    • Read Chapter 6 in the book on shelf D-3 in Library. Chapter 7 will appear if done correctly.
    • Go to Torture Chamber and cut off the Right Hand of the Corpse on the ground (same corpse where you received Avroule's Coat of Arms).
    • Get the Heretic Branding Iron (Location: I4) from the 2nd cage in the Torture Chamber room
    • Take the Heretic Branding Iron and the Right Hand of the Corpse to the fireplace in the Dining Room
    • When you interact with the fireplace, you will place the brand of heresy on the corpse hand.
    • Receive the Branded Right Hand of the Corpse.
    • Go back to Library
9 Read Final Chapter
  • Read Chapter 7 in the book on shelf D-3 in Library.
10 Activate Dark Angel Statue 1.2 and Compete Final Battle
  • Go to the Dark Angel Statue 1.2 and answer questions (alignment oriented) to unlock the final battle
  • Enter and complete the Final Battle.

Dark Angel Statue 1.3Edit

Dark Angel Statue 1.3 - Details
Location I8 (Near Entrance)

Enemies: 3 x Royal Guard

Notes Strategy: one kitter the rest Dps singe knight at the end sb with provoce run around statue and provoce it for free kill (lowest posible damage to team, Guard will stay almost in place as  its hard to be knocked back).

Dark Angel Statue 1.3 - Action Details
Step Action Action Details
1 Speak with NPC Pretty Bar Twenty-One (Location: I5)
  • Speak with the NPC Pretty Bar (Vorpal Bunny Mob Type) in the first room on the right just past the Dark Angel Statue 1.2.
  • Be sure to ask all possible questions in dialogue before leaving
2 Read Diary (Location: F4)
  • Read the diary in the room kitty-corner from the room where you spoke with NPC Pretty Bar.
3 Sleep in Bed of Loss

Note:  You can see the location of the beds on the map provided below.  However, the "emotion" attached to each bed differs for everyone.  You can interact with each bed and choose [Option 1] to see a brief description of the beds emotion.  Match the response with the a response from the table below.

  • Find the Bed of Loss and sleep [Option 2] in the bed.
  • If you are successful, you will get a cut scene with scrolling text and if you check your quest inventory, you should see a purple fragment.
4 Dye your pillow with the remaining emotions and Sleep in the corresponding Bed (See Emotions Table)
  • Let the location of the beds dictate the order in which you get each emotion.  The only exception is the last emotion (Solitude), which you will get from the NPC Pretty Bar when you have received the fragments from the other three emotions.
  • Emotions "Agony" and "Fear" are located at the very ends of each hallway (left and right), so it is wise to choose the emotion you are nearest.
  • See the Emotions Table below for the "Dye" locations and hints on how to find the right bed.  When you interact with the bed you can choose the 1st option to get a description of the bed.  If you look at the table below and focus on the characters by the dots (e.g. も・・・・・ 一つ一つ), it will be easy to figure out which emotion belongs to each bed.
5 Light Four Torches & Get Missing Skull for Dark Angel Statue
  • After sleeping in all four beds (check journal inventory for four purple fragments) you will need to light the four torches at the entrance of the hallway you have been running up and down.  There are two torches on either side of a tablet.
  • Once you light the torches, interact with the tablet and choose [Option 2] to receive the missing piece you'll need to activate the Dark Angel Statue 1.3
6 Activate Dark Angel Statue 1.3 and Complete Final Battle
  • The location of Dark Angel Statue 1.3 is at the entrance behind the first door on the right when you enter the dungeon (to the right of the res-shrine).
  • Activate and Complete Final Battle

Emotions Table
Emotion Dye / Bed Locations Bed Description (English) Bed Description (Japanese)

House of Savage Lust - Floor 2 - Dye and Bed Locations

Mentions losing mind, heart and  everything

有った筈のものが失われていく、物も心も・・・・・ 一つ一つ、そして全てが失われてしまう空虚。そんな気配をこの部屋から感じる。

mentions feeling nothing but pain

目的地に着くまで、ただひたすら齎される痛み・・・・・ 苦難を乗り越えても報われない。 そんな気配をこの部屋から感じる。
Fear mentions that something is heading towards you and there are screams, room after room. 床の軋む音、何かの悲鳴・・・・・ 一部屋また一部屋と近づいてくる何か。 そんな気配をこの部屋から感じる。
Solitude Mentions about being alone. 周りの音が聞こえぬ静けさ、誰も居ない・・・・・ 親しき者に追い付けず、ただ一人取り残されてしまう。 そんな気配をこの部屋から感じる。

Dark Angel Statue 1.4 Edit

Dark Angel Statue 1.4 - Details
Enemies Enemy: 1x Eileen

Dark Angel State 1.4 - Action Details
Step Action Action Details

Location: Behind True Adult Area (right door)
Proceed past the previous battle to the True Adult Area now unlocked.

The aim here is to get a key from Madalia that allows you to open the doors in the back of the room.

To do this you will need to talk to each NPC in this room and choose each dialogue option (May also need to examine each locked door too). As you speak to some you'll unlock new options:

  • About the backroom
  • About the key
  • About Madalia

Make sure to revist all NPCs to choose these options as you unlock them.

Madalia is also unavailable and will not talk. To get her talking make sure to:

  • Speak to Royal lady SeruFuellile
  • Speak to Barman Jest to reveal that Ardalis is in charge of Madalia's schedule
  • Speak to Giggolo Vanadyl to reveal that you can bribe Ardalis to adjust the schedule
  • Speak to Ardalis and bribe him with 30,000 gold to get access to Madalia.

Now you will be able to speak with Madalia for a price each time. She will ask you multiple choice questions and you're aim is to choose the favourable answers to make her happy. Each time she will reward you with a card if you chose the right answers. Keep in mind that this segment will require multiple attempts to receive the key. With each conversation you should get one of the below items in this order but it is possible to get platinum card and the portrait in one conversation, making this doable in 4 conversations.

  1. Business Card
  2. Gold Card
  3. Platinum Card
  4. Portrait of Madalia
  5. Ultimate Cameo Quest which rewards the key

Rodrio will sell a (normal quality) Cameo for 5000 gold after the 1st conversation with madalia.

The friendly werewolf (only one not transparent) will give you a werewolf cloak if you bring him 10 werewolf pelts. You can give the cloak or cameo from Rodrio to increase your chances with pleasing Madalia.

Each conversation can be extended twice if she likes you, always extend or allow her to get a drink if given the choice. This will be a sign that she likes you.

Correct Answers:
Question Answer
Giving Present (optional ) Give Cameo (if you have one from Rodrio)
What is your order ( Drinks)
  • [Cocktail] Ogre Killer
  • Chikor Beer
What is your Order ( Meal )
  • Fried Giant Toad
  • Smoked Spider
  • Pheonix Wings
  • Madara's Special
What is your Order ( Dessert)
  • Toad Eye Jelly
  • Fruit Plate
What is your favorite part about my face?
  • Eyes
  • Lips
Where do you wandt to take me?
  • High class restaurant in the Silver District or Itrox

What flavor do you like (food)?

  • Delicacies
Madara's Hobby
  • Collecting Cameros
What was your Impresion of Madalia?
  • Sexy
  • Cute
What is your recommendation?
  • Adventures
Question  Answer

Speaking of which...

Hear anything intreting?

Want to give some advice?

Masked Aristoctrat

Talk about the porkul rascal trying to make money on salt

Beauty of the Pitch

Keep things the way they are?

Be proud you are N.1

The kill...
  • "I love Wizardry Online"
Want to give some advice on how to be the best? (to get customers)
  • Get better at talking
Madara's best feature
  • Chest
To get her attention
  • Are you cold?
Question Answer
My Battle stories
  • Hands are good with opening chests
Player's best feature
  • I don't have anything special
What do you think of me?
  • ...You say taking her hands in yours...
What are you worried about
  • ...I cant find a Lover

If you didn't talked to NPC about key go and ask Serafeuille till the option "What key?" apears. You migth need to talk before about backroom with a few NPC

  • If you pleased Madalia she will give you bronze, silver, gold, platinum card and then give you quest to get her Cameo from Rodrigo. After you get her Ultimate Cameo she will give you opy of back room key.
    The Ultimate Cameo quest ( optaining key )

Talk to Rodrigo and ask for making you a ultimate Cameo, he will send you to Clouseau, serevant of the house,  to ask him for items needed to make The Ultimate Cameo, but first he will make you pay him 30k. Porkul will give you instructions about how to get Armor Piece from Decorative Armors staying at H6 (Open the stand/unmoving knight statue), Special Tools from Torture toom/baseroom ( sack of tools lying under left wall ) and The Black Onyx from one of quest rooms upstair ( for me it was in first quest room where you sleep for nightmare before to left at G3).

When you are ready go to Rodrigo he will make you The Cameo.

Have fun with finding statue.

Enemy: 1x Eileen

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Related Quests and Missions Edit

Name Client Level Required Soul Rank Required Notes
Mission A Adventurer's Guild Dwark 1 1 Soul Rank Mission
Mission B Adventurer's Guild Dwark 1 1 Adventurer's Guild Mission

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NPC List Edit

Name Floor Location Notes
NPC 1 1 (G6) Bottom Right Access via such and such.

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Points of interestEdit

  • Guardian Statues
    • ? (G10) Top Right
    • (J6) Middle
  • Turn on the power - (H2) Middle Right

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Caches Edit

Name Key Drops Location and Notes
Deceased Chest Key Engraved with Deceased Crest
  • HP+20 gem fragment
  • MP+10 gem fragment
Behind True Adult Area
Moon Chest Moon Crest Key Villa room (lvl 30+ area)
Dungeon Chest None Villa rooms
Dungeon Chest None
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
True Adult Area

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Creature List Edit

Main Area Edit

Name EXP Type Special Attacks Direct Drops Chest Drops Location and Notes
Moving Armor 206373 Living Statue

Samurai Shard

Bishop Shard
Lord Shard
Prodo Shield Rivet Cuisse

HP: 298400
Loitering Armor

664000 (3+)

830100 (solo)

Living Statue Shock Wave, Build Morale(P.atk and speed up)

Duel Sword
Nebula Staff
Hidden Battle Fragments
Recaptured Bandana
Soldier Cuisse
Moon Crest Key

Samurai Shard
Lord Shard
Bishop Shard
Ninja Shard
Floatstone Belt
declaire legs

Immune to Stealth, decoy, poison, stun, binds.
Dead End 116356 Spirit Polterkinesis, Deadly Scream
Werewolf Werewolf Werewolf pelt
Werewolf Chief 158563 Werewolf Stronger version of a regular werewolf
Masochist 158543 Zombie

Invincible Bronze Cuirass

Invincible Bronze Helmet

Studded Leather Guard

Lightweight Ranger's Bandanna

Empty Soul 158543 Banshee EXP drain


Hidden battle fragments

Hound Vest Platform Shoes
Samurai Shard

Alps Alp
Succubus Succubus Charm, Dark Bolt
Inferno Spirit Flame Arror, Fire Blast Royal Soldier Gloves

Lead Plate

Dead Refrozen Spirit Icicle Arror, Ice Burst

Gem Fragment AGI+1

Gem Fragment VIT+1

Gem Fragment STR+1


Old Key
Imp?? Imp

Casts defensive effects on allies (Mass Protection)

Deimos Boots
Tarantula Spider
Pretty Bunny Bunny

Low hp but Explodes on death. Reacts to skill cast when targeted.

No loot (possible to get event items), nothing to steal
Vorpal Bunny Bunny

Critical Hit (instant kill) Reacts to skill cast when targeted.

LUK+1 fragment
Charmed Gloves

Ninja Shard
Bishop Shard

Giant Vorpal Bunny Bunny Royal Soldier Greaves
Swift Sniper - Retseqniu

Unique: Inoverche (Gunner)

Heal, Magic defense Buff, Wind Burst, Long range attacks, Divine Armor, Poison, Sleep.

Immune to decoy and poison

Windknock (Club)
Flying Swallow
Wind Cutter
Wind Rod
Wind Ring
Gale Harness
Wind Sword
Squall Black Cloak
Squall Black Slops
Gale Splint Mail
Gale Bandana
Gale Long Tights
Anti-Wind Belt
Gale Baselard
Boots of Wind

Drops wind related items (even if its only relevant in name)

Roughly 20 hour respawn time.

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Boss Battles Edit

Each boss battle has an easy mode with different loot available.

Name EXP Type Special Attacks Easy Drops Normal Drops Location and Notes

Boss: Werewolf


Champion Knuckles

Fighter's Gladius

Appear in 1st Boss battle of dungeon

Boss: Alp

Casts Sleep. Revives into its true form when killed the first time.

Stealth detection and immune to decoy

Ancient Magic: Sleep
Lord shard Bishop shard Ninja shard Samurai shard

2nd Boss of dungeon
Royal Guard

Boss: Living Statue

Casts heal



Steel Baselard

3rd Final Battle
Eileen 152188 (easy, solo)

Boss: Succubus

Charm, Dark Bolt, Drain MP, Remove player equipment, Create clones.

Stealth detection and immune to decoy, stun and binds.


Tsukiyomi (katana)
Predator Bunker

Lord shard Ninja shard

Final Boss of dungeon

Hidden Boss: Succubus

Hidden Battle - Activated on Eileens final battle statue.

Lower Level Area (below lv30) Edit

Hidden area protected by a barrier that only characters below lv30 can pass.

Name EXP Type Special Attacks Direct Drops Chest Drops Location and Notes
(Easy) Weak Tarantula ~ 15,000-20,000 Spider
(Easy) Burning Spectre ~ 15,000-20,000 Spirit

Veteran Bronze Helm

Full Fingers

Cloak of Knowledge

Enchanted Robe of Knowledge


Light Gladius

Strong Slops for Thieves

Steel Mail

Eisen Cuirass

Eisen Cuisse

Sturdy Hard Bracers

Thief Rogue Tights

Sturdy Solid Leather Guard

Steel Edging Dagger

Assassin's Dagger

Great Cudgel

Black Cloak

Drops various SR4-SR8 items it seems (not sure what is from which spectre and chest or direct)
(Easy) Cold Spectre ~ 15,000-20,000 Spirit

Veteran Bronze Helm

Full Fingers

Cloak of Knowledge

Enchanted Robe of Knowledge


Light Gladius

Strong Slops for Thieves

Steel Mail

Eisen Cuirass

Eisen Cuisse

Sturdy Hard Bracers

Thief Rogue Tights

Sturdy Solid Leather Guard

Steel Edging Dagger

Assassin's Dagger

Great Cudgel

Black Cloak

Drops various SR4-SR8 items it seems (not sure what is from which spectre and chest or direct)

High Level Area (+lv30 only) Edit

Hidden areas protected by a barrier that only characters lv30 or above can pass. Enemies here are tougher than the main areas of the dungeon.

Name EXP Type Special Attacks Direct Drops Chest Drops Location and Notes
Giant Bunny ~200,000 (full party) Bunny Critical Hit (instant kill) Reacts to Skill Cast when targeted or if a player gets too close.
Keen Werewolf ~190,000 (full party) Werewolf Stealth Detection, bind resist and high faint resist.
(Hard) Alp?? Alp
(Hard) Succubus?? Succubus

Related Guides Edit

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Tips Edit

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  • This is another tip.

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