Lore Edit

In the dawn of the Sword of Halusia's revival, the Witch Sade had attempted to steal the sword for her own purpose, yet that was thwarted by Zero's timely arrival, at the price of sacrificing the Staff of Fluctuation. In the aftermath of the incident, sightings of the Witch Sade had been reported around a certain mansion, infamously dubbed the Horror Palace. Upon hearing the news, a request had been made by former knight Bersche to trade himself with Sade for the safe return of his fiance, who is currently possessed by the Witch Sade. Will he succeed in his attempts? And what was the Witch's motives in the dawn of her victory against the ministry? A new chapter of the epic conquest has just been unfolded.


How to Unlock this DungeonEdit

Recomended Level 53
Min. Soul Rank -
PreReq Dungeon

Chaos Strase 混沌のシュトラーゼ (Japan) 

Story Progression

The Hanging Gardens of Babylim バビリム空中庭院 (Japan)

Permit Provider

Adventurer's Guild Division Head Abbas 冒険者ギルド支部長 アッバース

Quest obtained from:


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