Remembrance Hidden Battle is unlocked at the Final Dark Angel statue of Temple of Oblivion

Creatures Edit

  • Boss: Goblin King - Skill list: Summon Gargoyle Legion, Heal Other, Magic Missle, Armor Melt, Protection, Resist, Attack Aura.
  • Giant Zule: Two basic zules that are giant.
  • Gargoyle Legion: Two Elite Archers, One Elite Gargoyle
  • ==Strategy==
  • Pull Giant Zules and kill them before you attempt to kill the rest of the enemies.
  • +10 HP gem fragment farming, the Gargoyle legion has a high drop rate of +10 HP gem fragments and since they can be summoned by the King Gargoyle you can farm the fragments.

Drops Edit

Item Type Description / Notes
HP+10 Fragment Fragment Collect 5 fragments to form a gem
Trident Spears SR7 Fighter weapon
Master Camp Camp A rare camp and also the best free camp available
Bastard Sword Sword Fighter weapon
Classless Stone Collect 10 to get a gift box
Solid Leather Leggings of Blessing Greaves SR7 Blessed priest greaves
Battle Mace Club SR7 1H club
Hatchet Axe SR7 1H axe

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