Union level 3
Members 50/60
Leader Little CSB

Nic Flair

Cubensis Micleo

Date created 2013/2/27
Sever Merryweather(US)


Progression Old Sewers
Soul Rank 5+
Soul status Non-criminal


  1. No criminals
  2. We are a neutral union with few rules.  This allows us freedom to progress.
  3. We don't go looking for trouble, but will defend our own.
  4. Do not cause trouble if you can't handle the possible repercussions.

We are a neutral white union that has been around a long time.  We pride ourselves in taking care of our people.  We help people progress, help them with cc's, and try to make sure everyone has fun. 


Little CSBEdit

(No Info Available)

Nic FlairEdit

(No Info Available)

Cubensis MicleoEdit

(No Info Available)


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