Greedy Residents

A level 7 mission.


The quest client is Dwark,

time limit: 6 hours

The quest can be obtained through Adventurer's Guild Staff Members,

You are asked to defeat 10 monsters inside Deltis keep.

Rewards: 2x Camps, Smelling salts and one of the following chosen by you

1x Weapon forging stone lvl 1 or Hard leather buskin or Bronze greaves or Strong shoes or Enchanted boots.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Defeat 2 Blue feather located inside the 1st Dark angel statue inside Deltis keep.

1st dark angel statue


Blue feather

Defeat 5 dry corpse inside the machine located in Deltis keep, (requires Storage key obtained from Novice fighter for each entry).
Dry Corpse

Dry corpse



Defeat 3 Death carrier inside Deltis keep.
Death carrier

Death carrier

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