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Genus: Enchanted Object

A large entity formed out of rocks. With its long arms it is capable of both long and wide attack ranges.

Attack Patterns/SkillsEdit

Their melee atacks cause knockback which can make it problematic as a melee class.

The attack frequency is also quick enough to lock the player in a constant knockback effect if caught in small corridors.

Elemental Resistance InformationEdit


  • Fire (81.7%);
  • Earth (73.5%);
  • Ice (70.1%);
  • Wind (100%);
  • Magic Missile (158.3%);
  • Holy (???%);
  • Poison (Immune);
  • Stun (0-1 seconds);

Note: See Golem (Mob Type)/Test Data for more information.


Name Type Location Notes
Clay Golem Normal Golden Dragon Ruins
Mangler Normal Golden Dragon Ruins
Moving Groke Boss Creature Golden Dragon Ruins
Runic Guard Normal Underground Dragoon Ruins
Stronghold Normal Roswald Deep Fort
Rock Body Normal Ruined Chamber
Soul of Malice - Evil Hazard Unique Creature Dark Roundtable


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