Goddess Sphere Icon
Type: Sphere

The Goddess Sphere is a consumable item that can only be used in town. Upon use, it randomly picks an item from its item drop list.

The Death Sphere is dropped by Carley, who is the final boss of Underground Dragoon Ruins. Typically 1 Goddess Sphere will drop (to drop box) upon killing Carley but it is also possible to use Steal to obtain one without killing her.

It is thought that about 5% Master, 33% Good, 33% Normal and 29% Other(Stones, hidden crystals) items from a sphere, the testing sample size is 52 Goddess spheres.

Drop List Edit

The following is a list of items that you can obtain by using a Goddess Sphere.

Icon Name Type Rarity Restrictions Notes
Dragoon Icon Dragoon Spears Master Fighter
General Dragoon Icon General Spear Spears Master Fighter
Imperial Dragoon Icon Imperial Spear Spears Master Fighter
Trident Icon Trident Spears Good Fighter, Samurai
Destroyer Icon Destroyer Two-Handed Axes Master Fighter
Great Golden Axe Icon Great Golden Axe Two-Handed Axes Good Fighter
Hatchet Icon
Hatchet One-Handed Axes Normal Fighter, Thief
General Sword Icon General Sword Two-Handed Swords Master Fighter
Imperial Sword Icon Imperial Sword Two-Handed Swords Master Fighter
Great Sword Icon Great Sword Two-Handed Swords Normal Fighter
Wind Sword Icon Wind Sword One-Handed Swords Master Fighter
Saber Icon
Saber One-Handed Swords Normal Fighter
Twinbard's Sword Icon
Twinbard's Sword One-Handed Swords Normal Fighter
Angel Club Icon Angel Club One-Handed Clubs Master Fighter, Priest Blessed
Battle Mace Icon Battle Mace One-Handed Clubs Normal Fighter, Priest
War Hammer Icon War Hammer Two-Handed Clubs Normal Fighter, Priest
Ghost Knife Icon Ghost Knife Daggers master Fighter, Thief
Nightfall of Ruin Icon Nightfall of Ruin Daggers Master Fighter, Thief Cursed
Assassin's Dagger Icon Assassin's Dagger Daggers Normal Fighter, Thief
Spiral Claw Icon Spiral Claw Claws Master Fighter, Thief
Justice Icon Justice Claws Master Fighter,Thief Lawful Alignment
Wolverine Icon Wolverine Claws Master Fighter,Thief
Bare Knuckles Icon Bare Knuckles Knuckles Normal Fighter,Thief
Super Heavy Shield Icon Super Heavy Shield Shields Master Fighter, Priest, Thief
Magically Resistant Kite Shield Icon Magically Resistant Kite Shield Shields Good Fighter
King's Helm Icon King's Helm Head Master Fighter
Phantom Thief Bandana Icon Phantom Thief Bandana Head Master Fighter, Thief
Crown of Knowledge Icon Crown of Knowledge Head Master Priest, Mage
King's Armor Icon King's Armor Torso Master Fighter
Heavy Iron Scale Icon Heavy Iron Scale Torso Good Fighter
Cloak of Knowledge Icon Cloak of Knowledge Torso Normal Priest, Mage, Thief
Wind Elemental Boots Icon Wind Elemental Boots Feet Master All Classes
Thief Splint Boots Icon Wind Elemental Boots Feet Normal Fighter, Thief
Spirit Necklace Necklaces Normal All Classes
Earring Sacrifice Charm
Sacrifice Charm Earrings Master All Classes
Earring Metal Charm
Metal Charm Earrings Good All Classes
Rune Stone 5
Class Stone System All Classes In a stack of 5
Rune Stone 5
Classless Stone System In a stack of 5
Crystal Yellow
Concealed Crystal (Dragon Eye) System
Crystal Yellow
Concealed Crystal (Remembrance) System
Crystal Yellow
Concealed Crystal (Aesthetics) System
Crystal Unclean
Concealed Crystal (Unclean) System

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