Wizardry Online has a wide variety of Game Settings that you can adjust to fit your gaming needs. To update any of your Game Settings, click on the Main Menu and select Options. From there, select the tab of options you would like to change.

Video SettingsEdit


Video Settings

  • Screen Resolution
  • Full Screen (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • FPS Limit
  • Shadows
  • Shadow Resolution
  • Effects
  • Show Player Damage (Checked or Unchecked)

Audio SettingsEdit


Audio Settings

  • Play Music
  • Play System Sounds
  • Play Background Sounds
  • Play Character Voice
  • Play Other Character Voices

Game Pad SettingsEdit


Game Pad Settings

Keys 1 SettingsEdit


Keys 1 Settings

Moving AroundEdit

  • Forward: W
  • Backward: S
  • Left: A
  • Right: D
  • Autorun

Camera PositioningEdit

  • Camera Up: Up Arrow
  • Camera Down: Down Arrow
  • Camera Left: Left Arrow or Q
  • Camera Right: Right Arrow or E
  • Zoom In: Page Up
  • Zoom Out: Page Down
  • Reverse Camera
  • Return Camera: Home
  • Check Back: End

Weapon DrawnEdit

  • Attack: Period
  • Step: Space
  • Guard: Left Shift

Weapon Sheathed<Edit

  • Jump: Space
  • Crouch: X
  • Dash: Left Shift
  • Walk: C


  • Special Actions: F
  • Draw/Sheath Weapon: /
  • Map Zoom
  • Online Status: [
  • Criminal Attack Setting
  • Body Looting Permission: ? 6
  • Bodies Collected: ;
  • Screenshot: Print Screen
  • To Shortcuts Page: ? 1


  • Target Enemies: Tab
  • Change Target Mode
  • Target Attacker: T

Hot KeysEdit

  • Inventory: I
  • Equipment/Status: B
  • Skill Tree: K
  • Quests/Missions: J
  • Friends: L
  • Union: U
  • Options: O
  • Help: H
  • All Map: M
  • Commands: N
  • Shop
  • Mail
  • Main Menu: Comma
  • Toggle UI Display: F12
  • Logout: F11
  • Avatar Items

Keys 2 SettingsEdit


Keys 2 Settings


  • Main Shortcuts
  • Expanded Shortcuts (2)
  • Expanded Shortcuts (3)
  • Expanded Shortcuts (4)
  • Expanded Shortcuts (5)



System Settings

  • Name Display
  • Show Own Name Plate (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Show Party Name Plates (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Show Other Player Name Plates (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Show NPC Name Plates (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Show Monster Name Plates on Mouse Over (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Show Titles (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Show Union Names (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Shown Own HP and MP Guage
  • Show Minimap (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Show Message Boxes
  • Switch Camera Y (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Switch Camera X (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Auto-Adjust Camera During Left-Right Movement When Sheathed (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Adjust Camera When Targeting (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Camera Rotation Speed
  • Camera Inertia
  • Save Windows Locations (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Simple Attacking (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Tooltip Settings (Settings)
  • Automatically send error reports without checking the contents (Checked or Unchecked)

Other SettingsEdit


Other Settings


  • Refuse Trade (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Deny Party Invitation (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Deny Friend Request (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Online Friend Notifications (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Criminal Only Damage (Checked or Unchecked)

Short CutEdit

  • Extension Short Cut (2) Display (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Extension Short Cut (3) Display (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Extension Short Cut (4) Display (Checked or Unchecked)
  • Extension Short Cut (5) Display (Checked or Unchecked)

Chat WindowEdit

  • Opacity % when Active
  • Opacity % when not Active
  • Location & Transparency (Checked or Unchecked)

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