False god

The False God Sphere is a consumable item that can only be used in town. Upon use, it randomly picks an item from its item drop list.

The False God Sphere is dropped by Carcosas , who is the final boss of Sangent Ruins. Typically 3-4 False God Spheres drop (to drop box) upon killing Carcosas but it is also possible to use Steal Attack to obtain one without killing her.

Drop List Edit

The following is a list of items that you can obtain by using a False God Sphere.

Icon Name Type Soul rank/ Rarity Restrictions Notes
0.0 Class StonesClassstones Class Stone x 5 Other - Thief / Fighter / Mage / Priest
10.2 Charmed KecksCenter Charmed Kecks Legs sr10 / Normal
10.2 Skillful BracersGauntlet Skillful Bracers Skillful Bracers Guantlets sr10 / Normal Fighter / Priest / Samurai / Lord / Bishop
10.2 Skillful Leather BuskinsSkillful Leather Buskins Skillful Leather Buskins Feet sr10 / Normal Fighter / Priest / Samurai / Bishop / Lord
10.2 Charmed Circlet
Hood Charmed Circlet
Charmed Circlet Head sr10 / Normal Mage, Priest, Bishop
11.2 SeaxSeax Seax Dagger sr11 / Normal Thief / Fighter / Ninja / Lord
11.2 Tomahawk1HAxe Tomahawk Tomahawk One-Handed Axe sr11 / Normal Thief / Fighter / Lord
11.3 Studded Leather BuskinStudded leather buskin Studded Leather Buskin Feet sr11 / Good Fighter / Priest / Samurai / Lord / Bishop
11.3 Ranger's BandannaRangers bandanna Ranger's Bandanna Head sr11 / Good Thief/ Ninja / Fighter / Samurai / Lord
11.3 Ranger's BootRangers boots Ranger's Boots Feet sr11 / Good Thief/ Ninja / Fighter / Samurai / Lord
11.3 Wizard CloakWizard Cloak Wizard Cloak Torso sr11 / Good Mage / Priest / Thief / Ninja /Bishop
11.3 Wizard OrnamentHood Wizard Ornament Wizard Ornament Head sr11 / Good Mage / Bishop / Thief /Priest /Ninja
11.3 Viking Sword
Viking sword
Viking Sword One-Handed Swords sr11 / Good Fighter, Samurai, Lord
12.3 King's War HelmWar kings helm King's War Helm Head sr12 / Good Fighter / Lord
12.3 Scorching Black CloakBlack Cloak Icon Scorching Black Cloak Torso sr12 / Good Mage / Priest / Bishop
12.3 Scorching Black SlopsBlack Slops Icon Scorching Black Slops Legs sr12 / Good Mage / Priest / Bishop
12.3 Vital Magic EarringsVital Magic earrings Vital Magic Earrings Earrings sr12 / Good All Classes

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