Spot hidden trapsEdit

There is two hints to find hidden traps. 


First: you may see an exclamation point

Trap spot

and then: you can notice some red sparkles exactly where the trap is

Arrow TrapEdit

Arrows are shot at you from all directions based on a 'pressure plate' or location you walk over. You can jump over this trap.

Arrow trap

Arrow Trap in Golden Dragon Ruins

Fire PoleEdit

These poles come in different heights, and spout fire periodically. Some can be ducked under, or walked under if you are short enough.


Short Fire Pole in Old Sewers

Fire TrapEdit

These exist as vents on the floor that periodically spout fire.


Fire Trap in Temple of Oblivion

Ground SpikesEdit

Spikes come out of the ground. You can jump over this trap.

Floor Spikes

Floor Spikes in Old Sewers

Land MineEdit

These exist as a location triggered trap. Stepping on the area triggers an explosion. You can jump over this trap.

Poison FogEdit

Triggers by walking over trap on the ground. Afflicts poison of varying damage depending on level of dungeon. You can jump over this trap.

Poison trap

Poison Fog Trap in Aria Reservoir


These exist as a location triggered trap. Stepping on the area triggers the falling rocks.

Shock TrapEdit

Set on a time loop, shocks you for a bit of damage.

Shock Trap

Shock Trap in Temple Of Oblivion

Sleep TrapEdit

Located on the ground at a location. May either be triggered by walking over the location, or timed releases. Also can exist as a paralyze or turn-to-stone trap.

Sleep trap

Sleep Trap in Old Sewers

Spike Trap DoorEdit

When opening some doors, spikes come up from the ground. Step back and wait for them to go back in the ground.

Door spikes

Trap Door Spikes in Temple Of Oblivion

Voltage TrapEdit

Bolt of lightning that doesn't mind turning you straight to ash. Set on a timed loop. Easy to avoid if paying attention.


Voltage trap in Dragoon Ruins f1

Wall SpikesEdit

Damage dealing spikes, easy to dodge in most cases.


Wall Spikes in the Temple of Oblivion

Condition DamageEdit

Trap Effects
Rockfall Condition -1
Flame Condition -1 per hit
Arrows Condition -3
Land Mine Condition -1
Paralyze(stone) Fog No Condition Loss
Poison Fog No Condition Loss
Sleep Fog No Condition Loss

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