Only Death Can Challenge The Might Of Isula Fervius The True God

Union SpecsEdit

Union Level 2 (100 / 300 exp)
Leader :                                              Isula Fervius 

                                               Gareth ThePink

Sub Leaders :                            

                                               Magnavis Magnavis

Members                                                     16/50
Date Created :                                          2013/8/20

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Union InfoEdit

Dungeoners is a union in which only friends may join. Meaning that you must be friendly so we can treat you fairly.

If you like to make fun of people and be down right rude then this is not the union for you.

We are dedicated to helping newcomers lvl and make progression.

No reds will be permitted into the union unless you made a mistake (fooling around) and are repenting.

Any union trying to make war with us will only find the sound of a cricket on the battle field as to we do not feel like haveing a war so we will just not fight,show up, listen to insults,be cornered,be provoked, and we surely wont stop our daily activites because five guy/girls in a Pk union say we are at war.

We do need proof of bonds but we wish for them only intill you are sure of staying with us.

And lastly we will not be mad if you wish to leave as long as you stay in touch.

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