Drop Rate Up Icon
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Increases monster item drop rate. Effect applies to all party members.

Level Cost Cast Time Recast Time Duration Range Target Effect Level Learned
1 0 0 0 Passive Party Self 4
2 0 0 0 Passive Party Self 4
3 0 0 0 Passive Party Self 4
4 0 0 0 Passive Party Self 8
5 0 0 0 Passive Party Self 8
6 0 0 0 Passive Party Self 11
7 0 0 0 Passive Party Self 18


As of the moment, the actual marked increase in drop rate, per rank, is unknown. However, Rank 1 has the largest impact for the point spent, with all ranks thereafter showing slight improvement.

Item quantity, not quality, is improved. Does not appear to affect gold, shining, or glittering rocks. The user will see more items total rather than better rarity of the items found. Be aware that by increasing the quantity, there is an indirect increase on the chances to acquire quality items by sheer virtue of the amount of items the user is receiving.

The user will see higher returns per rank when dealing with enemies that show increasingly rarer chances to drop any item at all, as opposed to enemies that drop items regularly, even without this passive.

Due to the above, a solid recommendation would be to acquire Rank 1 with any ranks that follow be applied on a case by case basis as the user feels applicable in relation to their experiences with enemy item drops.

It is possible that drop rate also affects the number of items found in a chest. Using a character with Drop Rate Up 5 opening 24 Azarm red chests gave 64 items ranging from 0 to 6 in a single chest. On average that is 2.66 per chest. When using the same character and a lucky coin to further boost the drop rate, 11 chests contained 38 items ranging from 1 to 7 in a single chest and 3.45 on average per chest. Further testing and verification should be done, but based on this result drop rate increases the amount of items chests contain (while Treasure Box Drop Rate Increase affects the number of chests and therefore the quality of the items found).

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