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Dragon Eye is the Hidden Battle for Golden Dragon Ruins. It contains 4 gargoyle-like Gloomy Barons and one large lesser demon named Crielle. Recomended for a party of 16s.

Recomended StrategiesEdit

Slow PullEdit

  • While Crielle is not as strong as a lesser demon, his four arms hit fast. With some careful foot work you can get close enough to pull only the Barons. 
  • Once you kill them, your party can focus on all sides of Crielle.

Gotta Trap Em All!Edit

  • If you have a trap theif (or more than one) you can simply lay traps near the entrence, and then pull all the mobs to them.
  • Make sure to leave room for your theives to escape in case not all mobs are killed by the traps.


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