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Class: ?

A large creature with multiple arms possessing devastating attacks and adept at projectile magic.

Attack Patterns/SkillsEdit

Has a one-two punch combo capable of stunning its victim. Due to their towering sizes it is reccomended to dash-jump away from the quick swipes.

For their charged attack, they unleash 2 magic projectiles (typically, but not limited to, fireballs). They also possesses high hp and physical defense in addition to their high physical and magical attack making them a force to be reckoned with.

Elemental Resistance InformationEdit

Percentages of damage done to this mob type, as well as the specific mob and location tested on. Higher percentage means more damage for the specific element.

Fire (???%)
Earth (???%)
Ice (???%)
Wind (???%)
Magic Missile (???%)
Holy (???%)
Poison (Immune, no ticks)
Stun (Immune)


The following is a list of the Demon race in Wizardry Online:

Name Type Location Notes
Lesser Demon Normal and Boss Creature
Crielle Boss Creature Golden Dragon Ruins
Adel Boss Creature Descension Ruins
Cannibal Demon Boss Creature Ruined Chamber
Lesser Demon Normal Trial of Azarm
Lesser Demon Boss Creature Dark Roundtable
Hellspawn normal Dark Roundtable
Advanced Guard Boss Creature Dark Roundtable


Appears in the CG opening cinematic as well as the first cutscene where Zero saves the player.

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