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Unleashes smoke to draw an enemies attention. Neutral allignment characters get a decreased recast time.



Level Cost

Cast Time

Recast Time(neutral)

neutral reduction Duration Target Decoy HP Level Learned
1 0 1.0s 90s (89s) 1s 15s Area of Mouse Cursor 1,000 3
2 0 1.0s 88s (85s) 3s 18s Area of Mouse Cursor 2,000 3
3 0 1.0s 88s (85s) 3s 21s Area of Mouse Cursor 3,000 3
4 0 1.0s 86s (80s) 6s 24s Area of Mouse Cursor 4,500 7
5 0 1.0s 86s (80s) 6s 27s Area of Mouse Cursor 6,000 7
6 0 1.0s 84s (75s) 9s 31s Area of Mouse Cursor 8,000 10
7 0 1.0s 80s (70s) 10s 35s Area of Mouse Cursor 10,000 17

Being neutral reduces the recast time by 1-10 second depending on the skill level.

Monsters sometimes can 'resist' a decoy which happens mostly if there are 4 or more around. Seems to be random and not predictable.

Range of Decoy can be described as if you would place a line of roughly 5 traps, maybe a bit more or less.

Skill button can be hold to 'prepare' a decoy which helps in several situations e.g. if someone lures and you want to take it safe and faster away of him/her.

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