Death Sphere Icon

Type: Sphere

The Death Sphere is a consumable item that can only be used in town. Upon use, it randomly picks an item from its item drop list.

The Death Sphere is dropped by Macabre, who is the final boss of Roswald Deep Fort. Macabre typically drops 2 Death Spheres (to the drop box) per kill, however it is also possible to obtain a death sphere via Steal.

Drop List Edit

The following is a list of items that you can obtain by using a Death Sphere.

Icon Name Type Rarity Restrictions Notes
Bhuj Icon Bhuj Two-Handed Axes Normal Fighter
Lance Icon Lance Spears Normal Fighter
Cloudmasher Icon Cloudmasher Two-Handed Swords Normal Fighter
Faussar Icon Faussar One-Handed Swords Normal Fighter
Harper Icon Harper Daggers Normal Fighter, Thief
Pata Icon Pata Hand Weapons Normal Fighter, Thief
Tapered Crystal Staff Icon Tapered Crystal Staff Two-Handed Staffs Normal Mage, Priest
Silver Hairpin Icon Silver Hairpin Head Good Mage, Priest
Headgear Icon Head Gear Head Good Fighter, Thief, Priest
Sarit Icon Sarit Head Good Fighter
Black Slops Icon Black Slops Legs Normal Mage, Priest, Thief
Hard Bottoms Icon
Hard Bottoms Legs Normal Fighter, Thief
Bulleto Icon
Bulleto Legs Normal Fighter
High Clogs Icon High Clogs Feet Good Mage, Priest, Thief
Normand Boots Icon
Nomad Boots Feet Good Fighter, Thief
Steel Greaves Icon Steel Greaves Feet Good Fighter
Black Cloak Icon
Black Cloak Torso Normal Mage, Priest, Thief
Harness Icon Harness Torso Normal Fighter, Thief
Steel Mail Icon Steel Mail Torso Normal Fighter
Steel Gauntlets Icon Steel Gauntlets Arms Good Fighter
Full Fingers Icon Full Fingers Arms Good Fighter, Thief, Priest
Silver Bangles Icon Silver Bangles Arms Good Mage, Priest, Thief
Center Thief Belt Belts Good All Classes
Belt of the Brave Icon Belt of the Brave Belts Good All Classes
Center Student Belt Belts Good All Classes
Guardian Shield Shields Artifact Fighter
Classless Stone System - - In a stack of 5
Class Stone System - All Classes In a stack of 5

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