Cut Parts being used against Aria Reservoir final boss

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Enhancement parts for placable traps. Can be used on unenhanced traps. Applies cutting damage to those that trigger the trap.(AoE)

Cut Trap

Trap enhanced with Cut Parts

Cut Parts Icon
Cost (Traps) Cast Time Recast Time Duration Range Target Effect Level Learned
1 2 0s 11
2 2 0s 8.0s 11
3 2 0s 7.8s 11
4 2 0s 7.6s 16
5 2 0s 7.6s 17
6 2 0s 7.3 22
7 2 0s 7.0 29

This damage of this ability is significantly affected by skill rank, your condition, and your physical attack.

It may be possible that DEX has an extremely small contribution to damage, please see comments for test data and more details. There is no known evidence at this time that STR has any effect on Cut Parts damage.

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