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Cludgepain and his mages

Currently it is the only blue orb, and the only solo battle. Unclean is the Hidden Battle for Kaoka Parrej Ruins. It contains one bullspawn-like Cludgepain and two Fake Prophets. Recomended for levels 14 and up.

Recomended StrategiesEdit

Mages FirstEdit

  • If your magical defense is lower than a 70 it is recomended to avoid Cludgepain's attacks while focusing on the mages.
  • Once the mages are dead focus on Cudgepain. kite around the large stone squares when you need to wait on a heal to cooldown, the turns will slow him down enough to give you time to use a healing spell.

Cludgepain FirstEdit

  • If your magical defense is over 70 then the mages spells will deal negligable damage. Ignore them and focus on Cludgepain, the mages will be easy to clean up after he is dead.


Notes: This is an unfinished drop list, the list is still in progress.

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