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Requires 10 x Hidden Crystal - Dragon Eye (Frag) to create.

Difficulty: Level 15-20 party recommended

The Crystal grants access to the Dragon Eye hidden battle at the Final Dark Angel Statue at Golden Dragon Ruins.

Creatures Edit

The Creatures you will face are:

4 x Gloomy Baron - A Gargoyle class mons​ter (Flying type)

Gloomy Barons have the smallest hp and can be lured seperately depending on their spawn location in relation to Crielle.

Cirelle hits a lot harder and has high hp and defense so its best to leave it for last.

Drops Edit

Item Type Notes
Air Attack +5 Gem Gem A gem used by Mages to enchance Air magic. This is worth a lot and can make you a fortune via the auction house or player trade.
Feather Stone System Traded for an Azarm Key in Trial of Azarm. A valuable item that lets you open the chests found inside this dungeon.
Kite Shield Sheld A shield used by Fighters
Rogue Tights Legs Bottoms used by Fighters or Thieves
Shine Medal Consumable A revival assist item. Offer this to the Shrine to increase your revival success rate. One time use only.
Item Inspect Thief Tool Used by Thieves when they perform Pick to disarm a chest. A low value item that is useless for other classes.
Weapon Forge Stone Lv1 Forging Stone Used to forge Weapons to a higher level. A low value item that costs 1000g from Blacksmiths.

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