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Region: Illfalo Port

A Christmas only event that appears every year. Dates held:

  • 2013 Christmas event: December 2013- January 2014

Mr.Redrum has arrived in Illfalo to bring presents to adventurers. He can be found in Bustling Market and Twilight Alley.

However, imposters have stolen items and you are now tasked to defeat the fake Redrums running amok in every dungeon.

In exchange for returning the stolen items, Mr.Redrum will award you special Christmas Bells. Collect 3 of the same bell and he will reward you with a special sock.

Sleeping in any inn with a sock in your inventory will grant you a Christmas gift box (consuming the sock item).

Event Summary Edit

  • Get 3 Bells of the same colour
  • Exchange the 3 Bells with Mr.Redrum for a Sock/Bloody Sock
  • Sleep in an Inn with the socks in inventory (free bed is fine)
  • Sock is replaced by a Gift Box (Event item sphere)

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Fake Redrums Edit

The primary method to collect bells is to exchange stolen Christmas items for a bell. These stolen items can be found on a special enemies, Redrums.

These fake Redrums can be found in every dungeon at random locations. They are large, red Devils that mostly run away from players and occasionally stomp the ground.

They will always take 1 damage per hit (no matter the skill or the level of the player) but have roughly 15-20 HP. Killing one will drop event items.

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Fake Redrum ItemsEdit

Icon Item Amount Needed Traded for Notes
icon item Amount required to get a bell? exchanged for which Bell Colour notes if needed
icon item Amount required to get a bell? exchanged for which Bell Colour notes if needed

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Free Bells Edit

Mr.Redrum will also gift players 3 bells (1 of each colour) once a day.

To get the free bells, players must be in a party when talking to Redrum. Choosing the option gift will trigger Mr.Redrum to acknowledge that you are in a party, rewarding you with the bells.

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Gift Box itemsEdit

With a Sock or Bloody Sock in your inventory, visit an inn and sleep to exchange one sock for a gift box.

A gift box is a consumable item that once used will reward you items from the list below at random. Sometimes you will recieve more than 1 item:

Icon Item Type Description Giftbox Type Notes
icon item Item type info giftbox / giftbox SP notes if needed

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Tips Edit

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