There are different chests waiting to be found in the dungeons.

There are Deceased Chests and Moon Chests. These are found in specific spots in dungeons and require a Key Engraved with Deceased Crest or Moon Crest Key to open. These chests will reset exactly 3 minutes after being opened, allowing you to use another key.

There are Dungeon Chests that sometimes are in specific locations. These do not require keys, but may be trapped.

There are Mob Chests. Some creatures in the dungeons may be carrying a chest. When you kill the creature, it will drop. Be careful though, as these chests are trapped.

Traps Edit

Icon Name Effect
Trap Alarm Icon
Alarm Alerts nearby enemies with a large sound. A harmless trap if there are no enemies nearby.
Trap Ghosts Icon
Band of Ghosts Triggering this trap causes a loss of approximately 5% of each type of Soul Material .
Trap Ghosts Icon
Dead Man's Scream Triggering this trap causes a loss of approximately 10% of each type amount of Soul Material. It has a large AOE range, a player must be as far as the next room/corridor to avoid the large range.
Demon Eye Triggering this trap causes petrification in an Area of Effect.  Monsters are effected by this trap.  Effect lasts for 15 seconds.
Trap Explode Icon
Explosion Triggering this trap causes an explosion.  Monsters are effected by this trap.
Trap Fist Icon

Triggering this trap causes a fist to come down from above, killing a random party member.  Does not always hit.  Has no effect on monsters.

Trap Fist Icon
Angry Iron Fist An upgraded version of Fist.  It has a chance of killing the entire party.
Trap Voltage Icon
High Voltage Releases a burst of electricity that has a chance of killing anything near it or reducing it to ash.  Has a large area of effect
Trap Drain Icon
Magic Drain Triggering this trap drains MP in a small area of effect. 
Trap Rock Icon
Pebble Fall Triggering the trap hits you with a shower of pebbles.  It has a chance to petrify you.
Trap Rock Icon
Pebble Bullet Triggering the trap fires a pebble at you causing moderate damage and petrification for 30 seconds
Trap Sparkle Icon
Rainbow Sparkle

Triggering this trap may cause one or two status effects from the following list:

  • Paralyze
  • Petrify
  • Fear
  • Poison
  • Sleep
  • Stun
  • Silence
  • Instant Death

This has an Area of Effect and does not harm monsters.  Effects last for 20 seconds, but are reduced by resistance.

Trap Gas Icon
Poison Gas Triggering the trap unleashes a cloud of poison gas.  This effects monsters.
Trap Gas Icon
Deadly Poison Gas An upgraded version of Poison Gas. 
Trap Gas Icon
Sleeping Gas Triggering the trap releases a cloud of gas that inflicts sleep for 10 seconds.  This effects monsters.
Trap Needle Icon
Poison Needle Triggering the trap poisons you.  Inflicts more damage than Poison Gas.
Trap Needle Icon
Deadly Poison Needle An upgraded version of Poison Needle.  Effect lasts for 60 seconds.

Notes Edit

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