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Level Cost Cast Time Recast Time Duration Range Target Effect Level Learned
1 Instant
2 25
3 - - 85 seconds 26 seconds large area around caster self reduces con loss on triggering a trap 25
4 30
5 32
6 37
7 44


This ability is basically a buff version of 'CON lost on Trap' passive that preceeds this ability on the skill tree. It stacks with the passive on the thief but will also be applied to nearby party members. A thief with level 7 CON lost on Trap and level 3 Cautionary move will lose 0 con when triggering spike traps and bomb traps. In this manner, a thief can run through and trigger all the traps in an area and suffer 0 con loss, effectively clearing the way for their party members. You still take physical damage though, so don't over do it.

On party members without CON lost on Trap passive, level 3 reduces CON loss by 1 on all traps. Bombs become 0, spike traps become 2.

Even though leveling the skill increases it's duration, the 10 second rule after casting for preventing 1 death if chaotic still applies.

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