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Camps are items that when used provide health and mana regeneration inside their area of effect.  Players inside the camp affected by it will be unable to use skills or attack, but may be attacked by monsters or hostile players. 

Double CampingEdit

It is possible to increase the effectiveness of camps by using more that one, but because camps prevent skill or item use within them, this must be done with a little clever manuvering. While one person lays a camp, another will lay a camp just outside the first so that their edges overlap. This area will provide twice the regeneration rate.

The Dimento TriforceEdit

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The Dimento Triforce.

When double camps are done correctly a third can be added to form a triple camp. One example of this is the Dimento Triforce, a triple camp consisting of one camp , one high camp, and one dimento camp. This provides far more healing than is nessisary for the adverage party and thus is mostly used for the fact it looks really awesome.

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