Careful Investigation Icon
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High probability of slightly increasing the chance of successfully disarming a treasure box trap. Failing triggers the trap.

Level Cost Cast Time Recast Time Duration Range Target Effect Level Learned
1 2 OD 0 60 0 Self Self +10%DisarmChance Starting Skill
2 2 OD 0 50 0 Self Self +10%DisarmChance Lv.1
3 2 OD 0 40 0 Self Self +10%DisarmChance Lv.1
4 2 OD 0 30 0 Self Self +10%DisarmChance Lv.5
5 2 OD 0 15 0 Self Self +10%DisarmChance Lv.5
6 2 OD 0 10 0 Self Self +10%DisarmChance Lv.8
7 2 OD 0 5 0 Self Self +10%DisarmChance Lv.15


'Careful Investigation' truly appears to come into its own upon gaining Rank 5. At this point, depending solely on your patience when disarming chests, you can leave it at the 15 second cooldown and simply utilize this, instead of 'Peek', to reach a favorable disarm chance.

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