Broach of Purity is a mission available in Wizardry Online.

Overview Edit

Walkthrough Edit

  1. After taking the quest from Stark, head into the Kaoka Parrej Ruins
  2. As you enter the ruins you should see a NPC Ghost named "Miss Glenda".
  3. You must meet Glenda's condition to get the Broach. Glenda want you to find the name of her husband. You MUST find the tombstone first before you can answer his question. The tombstone is in map grid F7.  This is in the large room with two kobolds directly after the second dark angel statue.
  4. Her husband is the cool Lady Killer Ken Gilber.
  5. When you give the broach to Stark, you get to make some response which gives you some alignment points
This is a cursed broach. Lawful + 20
This should keep that wife quiet. Chaotic + 20
Don't say anything. Neutral + 20

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