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Boss Creatures are enemies found inside Dark Angel statues (also known as Final Battles).

They function as guardians of fog barriers. By defeating the related boss, the player is granted permission to explore deeper as the fog barrier disappears.

The final boss of each dungeon is usually relevant to the storyline in some way, whether its the target set by quest givers are a summoned pet by the main antagonists.

Boss Battle TypesEdit

Each Boss fight is designed to be tackled in a party, although many are possible to solo of you are up to the challenge.

Special boss battles are found in each dungeon known as hidden battles. These can be accessed by offering the correct crystal/orb at the related Dark Angel Statue. These boss battles are typically the toughest battle in the dungeon they are located in

Boss LocationsEdit

Name Mob Type Location Notes
Lagrisse Legion Zombie Caligrase Sewers
Lagrisse Dominion Zombie Caligrase Sewers
Crazy Lilac Rogue Caligrase Sewers
Dandelion Rogue Caligrase Sewers
Hungry Pansy Rogue Caligrase Sewers
Mad Jasmine Rogue Caligrase Sewers
Black Rose Bruiser Caligrase Sewers
Grandmother Spider Spider Caligrase Sewers Hidden Battle
Army Cloud Mist Caligrase Sewers Hidden Battle
Impurity Plant Kaoka Parrej Ruins
Dragon Fly Fly Kaoka Parrej Ruins
Segment Plant Kaoka Parrej Ruins
Visitor Plant Plant Kaoka Parrej Ruins
Kobold Warrior Kobold Kaoka Parrej Ruins
Kobold Chief Kobold Kaoka Parrej Ruins
Cludgepain Minotaur Kaoka Parrej Ruins Hidden Battle
Fake Prophet Mage Kaoka Parrej Ruins Hidden Battle
Blue Feather Mage Deltis Keep
Blue Feather Guard Fighter Deltis Keep
Dry Corpse Zombie Deltis Keep
Disco Zombie Zombie Deltis Keep
Scapegoat Executioner Deltis Keep
Moving Groke Golem Golden Dragon Ruins
Angry Face Ogre Golden Dragon Ruins
Gargoyle Sniper Goblin Golden Dragon Ruins
Ancient Soldier Living Statue Golden Dragon Ruins
Ancient Commander Living Statue Golden Dragon Ruins
Demon Svickle Frog Golden Dragon Ruins
Gloomy Baron Gargoyle Golden Dragon Ruins Hidden Battle
Criele Demon Golden Dragon Ruins Hidden Battle
Rush Hour Zombie Chikor Castle Site
Cursed Kobold Kobold Chikor Castle Site
Poisonous Dead Zombie Chikor Castle Site
Doom Sentinel Zombie Chikor Castle Site
King of the Unclean Zule Aria Reservoir
Filthy Vallet Fly Aria Reservoir
Millionaire Coin Aria Reservoir
Bride Coin Aria Reservoir
Knight Living Statue Aria Reservoir
Element X Slime Aria Reservoir
Sickling Smoke Mist Aria Reservoir
Jewel Knight Knight Aria Reservoir
Shadow Dancer Banshee Aria Reservoir
Bullspawn Minotaur Aria Reservoir
Assault Bull Minotaur Aria Reservoir
Keith Living Statue Aria Reservoir Hidden Battle
Andy Executioner Aria Reservoir Hidden Battle. Also a Unique Creature
Jean Executioner Aria Reservoir Hidden Battle. Also a Unique Creature
Fire Spirit Spirit Temple of Oblivion
Red Baby Imp Temple of Oblivion
Dark Spirit Spirit Temple of Oblivion
Fire Zombie Zombie Temple of Oblivion
Incarnation Spirit?? Temple of Oblivion
Light Spirit Spirit Temple of Oblivion
Holy Spirit Spirit Temple of Oblivion
Watchman Reaper Temple of Oblivion
Temple Guard (Gargoyle) Gargoyle Temple of Oblivion
Blue Feather Mage Old Sewers
Baby Adrian Imp Old Sewers
Gorde Zombie Kobold Old Sewers
Catapult Soldier Goblin Old Sewers
Fatty Head Frog Old Sewers
Crazy Jumper Goblin Old Sewers
Dead Leaf Plant Old Sewers
Mad Farmer Executioner Old Sewers
Variable Metal Coin Old Sewers
Stininus Rogue Old Sewers
Dark Flyer Gargoyle Old Sewers
Abadon Ogre Old Sewers
Great Zagzwell Bruiser Old Sewers
Eternal Attendant Fighter Old Sewers
Brother Jumble Executioner Old Sewers
Brother Bozatt Executioner Old Sewers
Lesser Demon Demon Old Sewers
Dark Thing Zombie Old Sewers
Mechanical Guardian Living Statue Old Sewers
Familiar Spirit Spirit Underground Dragoon Ruins
Spirit Battler Spirit Underground Dragoon Ruins
Lamp Malice Spirit Underground Dragoon Ruins
Ogre Face Ogre Underground Dragoon Ruins
Formless Bug Mist Underground Dragoon Ruins
Andhaka Imp Underground Dragoon Ruins
Carley Abomination Underground Dragoon Ruins
Chill Out Zombie Descension Ruins
Morgue Plant Plant Descension Ruins
Morgue Chief Executioner Descension Ruins
Hex Corsair Fighter Descension Ruins
Hex Wolf Kobold Descension Ruins
Hex Pixie Fly Descension Ruins
Adel Guard Living Statue Descension Ruins
Dark Tempter Gargoyle Descension Ruins
Demon Adel Demon Descension Ruins
Rusty Slime Slime Roswald Deep Fort
Fort Garrison Fighter Roswald Deep Fort
Fort Officer Knight Roswald Deep Fort
Cracking Imp Imp Roswald Deep Fort
Lost Troop Bruiser Roswald Deep Fort
Lost Troop Junior Bruiser Roswald Deep Fort
Fort Guard Living Statue Roswald Deep Fort
Marauder Inoverche Roswald Deep Fort
Spawn Inoverche Roswald Deep Fort
Doomslayer Inoverche Roswald Deep Fort
Hell Gate Mist Roswald Deep Fort
Evil Spirit Spirit Roswald Deep Fort
Macabre Reaper Roswald Deep Fort
Ugly Pet Gargoyle Roswald Deep Fort
Crazy Charlie Kobold Ruined Chamber
Flower Movement Plant Ruined Chamber
Cannibal Demon Kobold Ruined Chamber
Mad Instructor Living Statue Ruined Chamber
Blood Jelly Slime Ruined Chamber
Balloon Head Imp Ruined Chamber
Twins Ogre Ruined Chamber
Visionary Plant?? Plant Trial of Fantasy
Innocent Soul Spirit Facility 13
Citizen-Killer Gargoyle Facility 13
Sinful Treasure Coin Facility 13
Resident Killer Zule Facility 13 Fire Element
Guilty Criminal Zule Facility 13 Water Element
Murderer of the Innocent Zule Facility 13 Earth Element
Nobody Skull Dark Roundtable
Decomposer Zombie Dark Roundtable


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