Union Level 3 (300 exp)
Members 10/50(excluding alts)
Leader Aika Lakuza
Sub Leaders



Date Created


Blue Rogue Flag

Blue Rogues is a casual union created by Aika Lakuza as an extension to Global Chat (and not to take away from it since Aika will still focus most of her time to Global Chat and community events).

So what's the purpose of this union? Edit

Aika herself has been unionless before this one was created so one purpose is to atleast have a union banner :P

However, the primary goal for the union is to use Proof of Bonds to unlock new levels and the benefits that are unlocked with each one.

This is also the reason for the high join requirements to ensure that potential members will also be dedicated to achieving this goal.


In addition to the purpose/goal, this union is also an extension to the beliefs and ideals for creating the Global Chat and the community events that followed.

That is: to be a positive member of the community by helping others and supporting the Global Chat and the community events.

This is the heart of the union. Whether you are lawful or a criminal in Illfalo as long as you are there to help others and maintain a positive atmosphere you are a Blue Rogue :D

Who should join?Edit

Consider whether you match these:

  • Do you get along well with Aika? [^_^]
  • Do you love talking? [^.^]/
  • Do you support the concept of Global Chat? ~['.']~
  • Do you support community events? [*_*]
  • Do you want to enjoy the benefits of union bonuses, but in a casual manner (without having to deal with features outside the game?) [>'_']><('_'<)
  • Are you able to actively contribute Proof of Bonds?              \[^_^]/\(^.^)/

Recruitment RequirementsEdit

  • Must be Soul Rank 3 or above
  • Must offer 1 Proof of Bond when joining
  • Must have access to Global Chat
  • Help others often/ support events etc to help strengthen community


  • Union invites are handled by leader only
  • Support Global Chat/Community events/wiki
  • Help players out and be a community guide for new players
  • Be an active player (being inactive for a long period of time without warning, may result in you being kicked from union to make space for other active players)
  • This is a neutral union, no union wars etc
  • Give in Proof of Bonds as often as possible to reach union goals

Member ListEdit

Player Rank
Aika Lakuza Leader
Neada Neada Sub-leader
Roronoa Zoro Sub-Leader
Razowi Vain Member
Hurron Hvylia Member
Rei Ayanami Beginner
Storage Roxas Member
Boki Likoria Member
Tiny Jaycloud Member
Illya Aino Member
Fina Aiyka Member
Mai Lean Member

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