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Our cape!

Union Level 3
Members 53/60
Leader Gruff Thron
Sub Leaders

Cirkil Orthene

Kite Engrothi

Date Created 2013/3/23

BlackRoseClan is a union dedicated to helping others. We bear the name of the first mission because almost all of our members had help completing Caligrase Sewers, It is a reminder of the help we recieved and to pay it forward by helping others. More info on us can be found here.

Thursday, October 30th 2013: The Black Rose Clan is reactivated after a long hiatus. We're back in black, baby! 

Recruitment RequirementsEdit

The only requirement to join are a willingness to follow the unions three rules which can found below.


  • Help those under you. This is the cornerstone of the union, its what we were founded on and how we spend our days,
  • Be active. When the union is full those that have not been seen in a week will be kicked to make room for new people, you can avoid this by being on and participating in union chat.
  • Do not PK under Chikor unprovoked. We are a union that helps noobs, not one that kills them. If you are attacked by all means defend yourself.

Random pictures I found.Edit

Wo 20130403 220602

The BlackRoseClan

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