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Genus: Undead
Shadow dancer

An incarnation of the Banshee

Banshees are long haired,undead creatures who stumble about crying and yelling in agony. Although they are slow on their feet, their attacks are deceptively fast.

Attack Patterns/SkillsEdit

A melee focused enemy.

They move at a slow, clumsy pace but they attack with frightening speed, range and physical attack.

Their charged attack drains the players exp which is often used to reverse level. However, being drained to 0 exp results in permadeath.

Elemental Resistance InformationEdit


  • Fire (81.9%);
  • Earth (71.1%);
  • Ice (64.4%);
  • Wind (100%);
  • Holy (???%);
  • Poison (???);
  • Stun(???);

Note: See Banshee (Mob Type)/Test Data for more information.


Name Type Location Notes MP
Banshee Normal Temple of Oblivion
Weeping Sorrow Normal Temple of Oblivion
Shadow Dancer Boss Creature Aria Reservoir
Nether Resident Normal Descension Ruins
Wasted Normal Ruined Chamber
Stronger Rare Creature Ruined Chamber
Mind Tuned Normal Ruined Chamber 95
Prototype Normal Facility 13
Life Stealer Normal Sangent Ruins


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